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Allganize to Provide 'Alli GPT' Enterprise AI Solution to OP.GG for Enhanced Game Information Delivery

Allganize and OP.GG Collaborate to Revolutionize Game Information Delivery with 'Alli GPT' Enterprise AI Solution

By leveraging Alli GPT with Google search, our users will be able to find answers more quickly and accurately, from targeting strategies to item recommendations.”
— Kim Hana, CX Cell Lead of OP.GG
HOUSTON, TX, UNITED STATES, June 27, 2023/ -- Allganize (, a renowned provider of natural language cognitive search solutions, is excited to announce its collaboration with OP.GG, is a prominent global game service platform. Through this partnership, Allganize will offer its cutting-edge enterprise AI solution, 'Alli GPT,' to OP.GG, enabling them to deliver personalized and real-time game information to their users across the globe.

Alli powered by GPT, an advanced natural language processing system developed by Allganize, will be integrated with Google search results on OP.GG's platform. This integration will empower OP.GG to provide enhanced game-related insights and tailored recommendations to its user base. By leveraging the power of Alli GPT, OP.GG aims to deliver a seamless and immersive gaming experience, ensuring that gamers have access to the most relevant and up-to-date information in their favorite games.

OP.GG is a renowned global game service platform that delivers an unparalleled gameplay experience. With features such as stat checking, champion ratings, and win rates for popular games like League of Legends (LOL), Battlegrounds, and Valorant, along with the ability to watch replays and record games, OP.GG attracts approximately 50 million visitors per month and boasts over 5 million downloads.

As part of its services, Alli powered by GPT will offer comprehensive answers to a wide range of questions related to League of Legends (LOL) games, including strategies, items, and stats. OP.GG chose Alli GPT for its ability to create chatbot scenarios free of charge and its specialization in summarizing and chatting with information obtained from ChatGPT.

The key differentiating factor is Alli GPT's integration with Google search, enabling it to provide answers using a real-time web search. Previously, it utilized ChatGPT for internal document searches, summarization, and synthesis, it will now employ ChatGPT to find and summarize information directly from Google search. This decision was inspired by the fact that game players worldwide predominantly rely on web searches to discover item combinations and strategies. Given the rapidly evolving nature of in-game strategies, real-time web search availability is paramount.

Alli GPT is also optimized for personalized scenarios. Traditional chatbots that adhere to predefined scenarios face challenges in keeping up with the rapidly changing landscape of game-related history and item content. Personalized answers become essential due to the vast number of cases unique to each gamer. With Alli's scenario feature, users can set up multiple greetings, each randomly appearing during interactions.

Alli powered by GPT serves as an enterprise AI document solution, allowing users to upload corporate documents, manuals, and the latest information. It facilitates the discovery, summarization, and answering of questions based on these documents while providing access to the source documents. Powered by the GPT-3.5 API, the underlying language model of ChatGPT, Alli GPT will initially be introduced in English, with a Korean version to follow later.

Kim Hana, CX Cell Lead of OP.GG, expressed her thoughts on the collaboration, stating, "In the rapidly changing game industry, effective communication between users is crucial. By leveraging Alli GPT with Google search, our users will be able to find answers more quickly and accurately, from targeting strategies to item recommendations."

"Alli GPT's cognitive search feature enhances the speed at which natural language questions are answered," commented Changsoo Lee, CEO of Allganize. "Expanding our scope from using ChatGPT for in-house text search and summarization to incorporating Google search enables us to flexibly apply this technology to trend-sensitive industries like gaming."

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