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YorChip and Siloxit Collaborate on Industry’s First Secure Data Acquisition Chiplet for Mass Markets

YorChip, Inc. announces an agreement to jointly develop the industry’s first secure Data Acquisition Chiplet for mass market applications with Siloxit Inc.

SAN RAMON, CA, USA, June 27, 2023/ -- YorChip, Inc. today announced an agreement to jointly develop the industry’s first secure Data Acquisition Chiplet for mass market applications with Siloxit Inc.

Chiplets represent multi-billion dollar market potential – according to Transparency Market Research (, the Chiplet market is expected to reach more than US$47 Billion by 2031, representing one of the fastest growing segments of the semiconductor industry at more than 40% CAGR from 2021 to 2031. This growth is expected to be enabled by the considerable cost reduction and improved yields chiplets will enable as compared to traditional system-on-chip (SoC) designs.

Targeting pricing of only US$1 in volume to expand Chiplets into mass market applications - traditionally, Chiplets have been limited to High Performance Computing environments using the most advanced technology nodes with per unit device costs in the tens to hundreds of dollars YorChips' collaboration with Siloxit leverages novel low-cost die-to-die links, highly secure Physically Unclonable Function (PUF) technology and advanced delta-sigma ADC design in a cost optimized, high performance Chiplet.

Advanced security Chiplets at no extra cost – revolutionizes interfaces to host processor Chiplets, FPGA Chiplets, and SoC chiplets – all within the same package, enabling higher security, lowest latency,lower costs and lowest power.

“We are excited to develop the first data acquisition Chiplet at a sub $1 price target in volume,” says Kash Johal, CEO of YorChip. “This is the first in a family of Data Acquisition Chiplets we plan to develop for mainstream applications. YorChip’s mission is enabling Chiplets for mass markets and this showcases our low-cost die-to-die technology with 75% size savings over the competition.”

“At Siloxit, we are developing solutions for enterprise solutions that require security, traceability, low power and low cost”, says Harry Peterson, CEO of Siloxit. “YorChip’s Chiplet technology is an ideal fit for IOT and mass markets, and we plan to develop additional Chiplets with YorChip in future.”

Availability Chiplets will sample in Q3 2024 with volume production in early 2025.

About YorChip

Silicon Valley start-up focused on Chiplets for Mass Markets. We are leveraging proven partner IP and our novel die-to-die technology to deliver off-the-shelf, low cost, secure chiplets at scale. We are developing a complete ecosystem of off the shelf Chiplets.

About Siloxit

Silicon Valley start-up developing IOT, low power, secure products for enterprise and utility customers. Secure Chiplets are a key enabler for its markets.

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