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Fraser Allport, Fiduciary : Retirement Planning is now Longevity Planning

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Fraser Allport, Fiduciary : Retirement Planning is now Longevity Planning

All Knowledge comes from Experience. ”
— Albert Einstein
DAYTONA BEACH SHORES, FL, UNITED STATES, June 21, 2023/ -- Fraser Allport's Special Report : Prepare for Living to Age 100

Fraser Allport specializes in Retirement and Estate Planning, Social Security, Medicare, and Income Taxes.

Fraser Allport is a Fiduciary with 41 Years of Experience serving all of Florida.

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How does a person guarantee that their Money lives as long as they do.

According to The Stanford Center on Longevity ... Prepare for Living to Age 100.

• Will a person's Money last as long as they do ?

• Is a person financially prepared for Longevity ?

• Has a person planned for Out of Pocket Medical Expenses ?

• What happens to a person's finances if Social Security is decreased ?

There is a long-term global challenge that no one really knows how to deal with: Population aging.

As the human race transitions from a burgeoning, exploding species to a static or shrinking one, economies around the world will come under significant strain.

Americans have experienced a steady increase in longevity over the last 100 years. In the early part of the twentieth century, average life expectancy at birth was only 47 years, but today many people can expect to live into their eighties, nineties, or beyond. While the benefits of increased longevity are clear, it also presents the country with a number of issues that require serious consideration, including ensuring access to a secure and lasting stream of income in retirement.

Complicating the issue even further are the changes that have occurred in sources of retirement income. At one time, workers could rely on Employer-Sponsored Retirement Plans and Social Security to provide an adequate, secure, and lasting retirement income.

Today, the future of Social Security is uncertain and many Employers have replaced “traditional” defined benefit retirement plans, which generally provide workers with a guaranteed retirement income benefit based on salary and years of service, with 401(k)-type plans that are more focused on accumulating wealth and often neglect assisting participants with transitioning their retirement savings into retirement income.

There is an urgent need for investments that will provide a stable and lasting income in retirement. Annuities are the most logical and valuable tool available to meet this need. Annuities are assets that allow individuals to convert their savings into a guaranteed income stream at retirement and/or provide a guaranteed return while saving for retirement.

A Fixed-Indexed Annuity serves as a tool to enhance retirement asset protection by managing market volatility and the sequence of returns risk in the pivotal years leading to retirement. This can better set the stage for retirement and for creating more lifetime retirement income from a given asset base

Expanding the use of Guaranteed Lifetime Annuity Income provides a logical and proven solution to diversifying and effectively managing many of the risks that retirees currently bear.

Through a combination of increased access to Annuities in retirement plans, improved regulation and legislation, accessible objective guidance, new and improved products and pricing, and a concerted effort to clear up the myths surrounding annuities, these products will play an important role in ensuring future generations have access to adequate and secure income in retirement, regardless of how long they live.

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Fraser Allport is a Fiduciary with 41 Years of Experience serving all of Florida.

See Fraser Allport's comprehensive Suite of Services at

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“ All Knowledge comes from Experience. ” - Albert Einstein

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How Retirement Policy Reforms Can Reduce Longevity Risk
David P. Richardson
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