Business with Environmental Responsibility: Arslan Jumayev on Implementing Sustainable Practices in the Coffee Business

NEWYORK, USA, June 8, 2023/ -- Arslan Jumayev, the owner of Arvaci Coffee shops in New York, not only successfully grows his business but also actively incorporates environmental principles into his operations. Arslan shared his experience of implementing sustainable products in the business, consulting other entrepreneurs, and the significance of ecology in the modern coffee industry:

"Tell us about your new project of using sustainable products in Arvaci Coffee shops.

Every year, coffee shops that operate with takeout service use billions of plastic cups, which creates serious issues for our planet. Disposable coffee cups are not recyclable as they are made from multiple materials and recycling is a very complex and expensive process. And as everyone knows, plastic pollution is one of the major problems in modern ecology. That's why I decided to introduce alternative solutions into my business. Arvaci Coffee shops use cups and straws made from biodegradable materials such as Kraft paper or cornstarch. Not only are they more environmentally friendly, but they also help reduce the use of plastic and minimize the negative impact on the environment.

How do you assist other businesses in minimizing their use of plastic in their operations?

I provide consultations to other businesses and share my knowledge and experience in using sustainable products. I inform them about the benefits and possibilities of replacing plastic with more sustainable alternatives. Additionally, I share information about suppliers of eco-friendly products that I collaborate with. As a result, many businesses have started to recognize the importance of reducing plastic usage and are interested in finding more environmentally responsible solutions.

Arslan, has there been an increase in demand for your products after implementing your environmental initiative?

Definitely. The significance of ecology in the coffee business lies not only in conserving natural resources but also in attracting environmentally conscious consumers. In the modern world, more and more people pay attention to the environmental responsibility of businesses and strive to support brands that actively care about the environment. By focusing on environmental aspects, coffee businesses, including Arvaci Coffee, contribute not only to the sustainable development of the industry but also attract new customers.

Can you give a forecast for the development of the coffee market in the US?

Overall, the coffee business in the US represents a dynamic and competitive industry. Among the main trends that will be observed in the coming years are an increased demand for quality coffee, a rise in the popularity of specialty coffee beverages, and, of course, a focus on ecology. According to my forecasts, the market will continue to demonstrate steady growth and promises interesting prospects in the future."

Arslan Jumayev
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