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Traffic Sensor Market is Estimated to Observe Significant Growth by 2030 | Reports and Data

Reports And Data

Reports And Data

The global traffic sensor market size was significantly robust in 2021 and is expected to register a steady revenue CAGR over the forecast period.

NEW YORK, NY, UNITED STATES, May 31, 2023/ -- The Traffic Sensor Market was notably strong in 2021 and is projected to exhibit a steady growth in revenue over the forecast period. Key drivers for the growth of market revenue include the increasing number of vehicles and urbanization in different countries. Furthermore, the advancement of technology in traffic sensors, their high accuracy, convenience, and improved traffic management capabilities are anticipated to stimulate the demand for traffic sensors and support the growth of the market.

Traffic control systems play a crucial role in regulating traffic patterns and enhancing traffic flow through various means. Modern traffic management systems comprise components such as traffic lights, sensors, signs, cameras, and other devices. Each component of a traffic control system plays a vital role in managing the flow of traffic.

Traffic sensors are deployed to detect the presence of vehicles at specific locations. These sensors can count and track the number of vehicles passing through a particular area, as well as measure their speed. The data collected by traffic sensors is used for signal management and is also transmitted to the Vehicle Information and Communication System Center (VICS Center). Sensors are utilized in multiple locations for traffic control and monitoring purposes, including traffic signal control, ramp metering, freeway management, toll road monitoring, and more.

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Segments Covered in the Report

Sensor Type Outlook:

Inductive-Loop Sensors: These sensors contribute to revenue generation in the market and are widely used for traffic detection and monitoring purposes.
Infrared Sensors: Infrared sensors play a significant role in detecting and measuring traffic flow by utilizing infrared technology.
Magnetic Sensors: Magnetic sensors are deployed to detect changes in magnetic fields caused by moving vehicles, allowing for accurate traffic monitoring.
Thermal Sensors: Thermal sensors use heat detection technology to identify the presence and movement of vehicles, aiding in traffic management.
Radar Sensors: Radar sensors utilize radio waves to detect and track vehicles, providing valuable data for traffic control systems.
Laser Sensors: Laser sensors are used to measure traffic parameters such as vehicle speed and distance, enhancing traffic management accuracy.
Optical Fiber Sensors: Optical fiber sensors are employed for real-time monitoring of traffic conditions, assisting in efficient traffic flow management.
Microwave Sensors: Microwave sensors utilize microwave technology to detect and measure traffic flow, aiding in traffic control and management.
Video Sensors: Video sensors capture visual data to monitor and analyze traffic conditions, providing valuable insights for traffic management.
Others: This category encompasses any other types of sensors used in the traffic sensor market.

Deployment Outlook:

In-Road Sensors: In-road sensors are installed beneath the road surface and are utilized for accurate traffic monitoring and detection.
Over Roadway Sensors: Over roadway sensors are deployed above the road surface to capture and analyze traffic data effectively.
Alongside Sensors: Alongside sensors are positioned alongside the road and play a crucial role in monitoring traffic flow and congestion.

Application Outlook:

Vehicle Speed Enforcement: Traffic sensors are used for enforcing speed limits and monitoring vehicles' speed, contributing to road safety.
Vehicle Measurement & Profiling: These applications involve using traffic sensors to measure various parameters such as vehicle length, height, and weight.
Weigh in Motion: Traffic sensors are utilized to monitor vehicle weight while in motion, facilitating efficient weight measurement for trucks and commercial vehicles.Traffic Monitoring:
Traffic sensors play a vital role in monitoring and analyzing traffic flow, providing real-time data for traffic management systems.
Automated Tolling: Traffic sensors are employed in automated tolling systems to accurately detect and charge vehicles passing through toll booths.

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Strategic development:

In June 2021, SMATS Traffic Solutions, a smart mobility company, integrated smartmicro sensors into their product offerings. By incorporating smartmicro's ultra-high-definition radar sensors, the SMATS iNodeTM analytics program now has access to a cost-effective and versatile solution. These sensors enable real-time traffic counts and classification data.

In February 2021, International Road Dynamics Inc, a subsidiary of Quarterhill Inc., introduced a web-based analytics platform. This platform is designed for Icoms Detections' TMA-3B3 bicycle sensors, I-SAFE radar speed signs, and TMS-SA non-intrusive vehicle counter/classifiers. Additionally, the software platform can collect data from third-party sensors, enhancing Smart City solutions by enabling data analysis for various sensor models.

In July 2021, the former Siemens Intelligent Traffic Systems (ITS) unveiled its new name, Yunex Traffic, and officially commenced operations as a Siemens Mobility company. Positioned in a dynamic market, Yunex Traffic leverages its industry-leading position to deliver innovative and comprehensive mobility solutions for roads and cities.

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Competitive Landscape:

TE Connectivity
Traffic Sensor Corporation
AGD Systems
Smats Traffic Solutions Inc
Axis Communication AB
Raytheon Company
Kapsch Traffic Com AG
Siemens AG
Smart Microwave Sensors GmbH
LeddarTech Inc
Q-Free ASA
Teledyne FLIR
International Road Dynamics Inc.
Kistler Group

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