In Vitro Toxicity Testing Market Expected to Reach $58.9 Billion by 2030

In Vitro Toxicity Testing Market 2030

In Vitro Toxicity Testing Market 2030

In vitro toxicity testing market report provides a quantitative analysis with segments, current trends, and estimations.

PORTLAND, OREGON, UNITED STATES, May 30, 2023/ -- In vitro toxicity testing market size is expected to witness notable growth in the coming years due to the advantages offered by IVTT, such as enhanced accuracy, efficiency, and reliability as compared to other traditional methods. Furthermore, increase in applications of IVTT in food and chemical industries, are the in vitro toxicity testing market trends. Moreover, stringent government regulations aimed at reducing the cruelty while performing experiment on animals, increase illicit drug abuse, and enhanced efficiency of IVTT in diagnosis are the major driving factors for the growth of the market. The impact of these drivers is expected to increase significantly due to increase in awareness about the benefits of IVTT.

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General Electric Company, Thermo Fisher Scientific, Inc., Laboratory Corporation of America Holdings, ACACIA PHARMA GROUP PLC, TESARO INC., Helsinn Holding S.A., Heron Therapeutics Inc, AstraZeneca plc, Catalent Inc

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The in vitro toxicity testing market can be segmented based on various factors. Here are some common segmentation criteria used in the industry:

Product Type:

Assays and testing kits: Includes various assay kits used for toxicity testing, such as cell-based assays, enzyme assays, and tissue culture assays.
Services: Includes contract research organizations (CROs) offering in vitro toxicity testing services to pharmaceutical companies, biotechnology firms, and other stakeholders.

Cell culture technologies: Involves the use of cell lines, primary cells, and organoids to mimic the in vivo conditions and assess toxicity.
High-throughput screening (HTS): Uses automation and robotics to rapidly test a large number of samples simultaneously.
Omics technologies: Involves the use of genomics, proteomics, and metabolomics to study toxicological effects at a molecular level.
Molecular imaging: Utilizes imaging techniques, such as fluorescence imaging and confocal microscopy, to visualize and analyze cellular responses to toxic substances.
End User:

Pharmaceutical and biotechnology companies: Involved in drug discovery, development, and safety testing.
Cosmetics and personal care industry: Conducts toxicity testing to ensure the safety of their products.
Chemical industry: Performs toxicity testing to evaluate the safety of chemicals used in various applications.
Academic and research institutes: Engaged in toxicological research and development of new testing methods.

Systemic toxicity testing: Evaluates the potential adverse effects of substances on different organs and systems of the body.
Dermal toxicity testing: Focuses on assessing the toxicity of substances applied to the skin.
Ocular toxicity testing: Determines the safety of substances when exposed to the eyes.
Genotoxicity testing: Assesses the potential of substances to cause genetic damage.
Neurotoxicity testing: Examines the effects of substances on the nervous system.

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Middle East and Africa

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