Olivia Technologies Bridges the Digital Divide Offering a Lifeline to Students Struggling with Access

By eliminating the dependence on internet connection, Olivia aims to unlock people’s full human potential and nurture a lifelong love for learning, regardless of their ability to access the internet.”
— Ryan Ross, CEO of Olivia Technologies
PALO ALTO, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 22, 2023/EINPresswire.com/ -- In today’s digitally dependent society, connectivity is often taken for granted. Olivia Technologies’ (“Olivia”) Edge Technology Platform is revolutionizing how students access educational content without relying on internet connectivity; and has already been deployed in a number of schools in Texas and Hawaii. Olivia is poised to transform learning experiences for students in all environments, including those with limited or no internet access.

Take a closer look at how Olivia aims to bridge the digital divide and narrow the opportunity gap by providing marginalized communities access to quality education for K-12 and equal opportunity for all.


In a world where digital education has become the norm, a significant number of U.S. students continue to lack access to adequate internet connectivity that would enable them equal opportunity for their learning journey.

To date, Olivia has been deployed in Hawai’i and Texas, where in certain areas, over 30% of students do not have reliable internet connectivity.* Schools have enthusiastically adopted the Olivia platform, recognizing its ability to enhance engagement and transform the way students relate to educational content, simply by giving all students access to digital content at home. At the same time, Olivia enables educators to gain a comprehensive understanding of student engagement, resulting in a personalized learning experience and offering immediate accessibility to the most relevant resources for each student’s unique needs.

Educators are excited about the possibilities that Olivia unlocks for students and teachers. Early adopter, Sharon Beck, Principal of Ka’u High and Pahala Elementary on the Big Island of Hawai’i, stated:

“Ka’u High and Pahala Elementary School is a small, rural school located in the southern district of Ka’u in the town of Pahala on the island of Hawai’i. Ka’u is the largest geographic district in the state and encompasses 600,000 acres. We understand that our families face many challenges, but COVID put a spotlight on those challenges. As we moved to online learning, we found that most of our families did not have access to internet connectivity or devices. We continue to struggle with daily attendance as our students have far distances to travel to come to campus. Olivia is providing us with the solution we truly needed, which can be used on- and off-campus. The device enhances student engagement through enriching learning and providing resources for students to explore and discover.”

Gabriella (Gaby) Rowe, Principal of Grow Associates and leader of Operation Connectivity for Texas Governor Greg Abbott and the Texas Education Agency, emphasizes the importance of addressing the digital equity gap among students in Texas. According to Rowe:

“Supporting the adoption of digital educational resources that are accessible to students both in school and at home is a critical part of closing the digital divide and ensuring that all children have the tools they need to be successful. I celebrate any and all efforts to develop collaborative and innovative partnerships to support the adoption of such resources, as these efforts will only accelerate our forward progress.”

Access to digital educational content is vital for a student’s success. A study by HolonIQ revealed that global spending on digital content and assessment is expected to surge with a compound annual growth rate of 17% year-over-year by 2025. The unfortunate reality is that not all students have equal access to these valuable resources. This issue is commonly known as the “homework gap” or the “digital divide." **

In communities where reliable broadband access remains a struggle, Olivia offers a readily deployable solution that is available now, alleviating the increasing demand for access to digital resources and closing the digital divide.

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A 2021 report from Common Sense Media found that 15 to 16 million K-12 public school students in the U.S. live in homes with inadequate internet or computing devices. This represents around 30% of all public-school students in the U.S. Globally the number of students without internet accessibility is nearly 1 billion. ***

“We know that every student deserves access to high-quality educational resources, regardless of their location or internet connectivity,” said Ryan Ross, CEO of Olivia Technologies. “At Olivia, we are breaking down the barriers to digital learning resources and supporting students in the process of learning, no matter where they live or their socio-economic circumstances. By eliminating the dependence on an internet connection, Olivia aims to unlock people’s full human potential and nurture a lifelong love for learning, regardless of their ability to access the internet.”

Olivia is the key to unlocking access to digital learning experiences for these disconnected students. Most Edtech and AI platforms take for granted that users have reliable internet connectivity to engage with their offerings.

“Olivia’s solution eliminates the need for continuous internet connectivity to deliver a personalized digital learning experience. The online/offline approach works equally well in low intermittent/no connectivity. Olivia’s approach has the added benefit of opening a door to the world of digital content for students who have little access to videos, podcasts, and eBooks, in both rural and inner-city settings.” – Ross

*** Source: https://www.commonsensemedia.org/research/connect-all-students-understanding-the-k-12-digital-divide


Whether a child lacks access to the internet at home or connectivity is intermittent and limited in the classroom, Olivia is designed to work offline to its intended audience. Olivia delivers student digital engagement through a combination of teachers and a vetted curated library of videos, podcasts, and eBooks.

Olivia works anywhere/anytime and supports existing learning management systems, adaptive learning, and social-emotional programs. In fact, Olivia works in low or no bandwidth environments by leveraging edge technologies. Best of all, Olivia includes an evolving library of educational content (videos, podcasts, eBooks, and other resources) to help drive student engagement. A protective Walled Garden creates a personalized learning experience for its user. What’s more–school districts can benefit from both reduced cost as well as in-depth insight through consolidated data analytics.

“We support and deliver a school’s existing content (videos, eBooks, podcasts, PDF workbooks) ensuring all students have digital parity and equity.” – Ross


Olivia has received valuable support from various non-profit organizations, online learning platforms and interactive, educational programs. Olivia’s cutting-edge educational solutions are ideal for K-12, community colleges, and workforce development programs.

Miacademy is an accredited online learning platform with lessons that are engaging, concise, informative, and relatable for students. Their content is created by certified teachers and subject-matter experts, and can be customized by parents and teachers to monitor attendance, download student reports, and receive weekly updates. Learning is fostered in a safe and supportive social community, with subjects ranging from kindergarten through high school.

Smile and Learn App is an award-winning App for children ages 3-12, including more than 12,000 digital educational activities, games, and interactive stories. Their goal is for kids to develop and strengthen their multiple intelligences and cognitive abilities while having fun!

The NROC Project (“NROC”) is one of Olivia’s core content partners for high school, college, and career readiness. The non-profit organization collaborates with secondary, post-secondary, and adult education leaders to develop digital courses and tools that improve student readiness, persistence, and success. NROC’s HippoCampus application delivers rich multimedia content that includes thousands of videos, animations, and simulations on general education subjects from middle school to college.


* Website: https://www.olivia.school/

* LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/company/oliviatechnologies/

* Twitter: https://twitter.com/OliviaParity

* Prior Press: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VwUTnIHwrvY (1:19 – 2:00)


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