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Some side hustles are just jobs -- others are weird and wonderful

There are a million side hustles in the naked city and some of them are downright strange -- like the ability to earn $1,000 watching Fast & Furious movies.

A site called FinanceBuzz is looking for one freelancer to binge-watch all 10 Fast & Furious movies and count all the car accidents for $1,000 plus expenses.”
LOS ANGELES, CA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/ -- Looking for an off-the-wall way to make a few bucks? These sites offer weird and wonderful side hustles -- sometimes for a limited time; sometimes as a matter of course.

Among the weird and wonderful side hustles that looked into this week is a limited time offer.

A site called FinanceBuzz is looking for one freelancer to binge-watch all 10 Fast & Furious movies and count all the car accidents in each movie. FinanceBuzz, which advises people on auto insurance, is planning to do a story about what would happen to a consumer's insurance rates with that kind of driving. The site will pay $1,000 for the assignment, plus reimburse up to $100 in expenses for streaming fees, movie tickets and popcorn.

However, anyone who wants to apply for this opportunity has to act fast. The site is only taking applications until May 19th. The winner will be notified May 26 and have two weeks to complete the assignment.

Cash for blood

A number of companies will pay good money -- anywhere from $50 to $100 an hour -- for blood, plasma or platelets. Why? They develop drugs or sell the plasma to hospitals and medical centers. Incidentally, for people who are time constrained, this is an ideal -- though admittedly weird -- side hustle. That's because these blood and plasma donation centers are often available at night and on weekends, when someone with a 9-5 day job might have an hour to spare.

Companies offering to pay for blood and plasma include Octapharma and BioMat.

In a similar vein, consumers who are willing to participate in clinical trials can earn thousands of dollars. Companies such as Altasciences (formerly known as WCCT Global) and Covance, enlist individuals to test out new drugs and treatments. Some trials involve overnight stays; others just require a few check-ins, medical tests. To be sure, this side hustle involves getting poked and prodded, giving blood samples and having blood pressure monitored ad nauseam. But most of these studies pay generously so it may be well worth the discomfort.

Cash for companionship

There are lots of reasons that someone might hire a paid companion. The most common reason is when an elderly client needs help with activities of daily living -- from shopping to getting out of bed. A site called Care is the industry leader in this space, and offers plenty of jobs that aren't really weird side hustles at all.

But several other companies enlist paid companions to give lonely people a hug, provide them with a dinner companion, or someone to take to the movies. Sites that arrange this type of paid companionship insist that they are not arranging illicit activity. In fact, anything that would raise eyebrows is strictly forbidden. Nonetheless, Cuddlist, RentAFriend and CuddleComfort maintain that their freelance companions can earn $40 to $80 per hour.

Drive a billboard

Those who drive a long way to work -- or drive for one of the big rideshare or delivery companies, like Uber, Lyft, DoorDash or GrubHub -- may be able to get paid for turning their vehicles into rolling billboards.

Two companies -- Wrapify and Carvertise -- work with clients that range from sandwich shops to movie production houses that want to run mobile advertising campaigns. Freelancers willing to wrap their cars with ads can earn from $100 to $450 a month.

Play games

Freelancers can also make good money playing games with a site called StartPlaying. StartPlaying is an online meeting place for fans of Dungeons & Dragons, Pathfinder and other role-playing games.

The site enlists freelance "game masters" to host games with different themes and quests. Game masters determine when to play; how many people can join the game; and what to charge per seat. The amount game masters earn is determined by how many games they play and how many people sign up to join in. The site simply takes a commission when customers book seats at your table. is a site that provides independent research and reviews of more than 450 ways to make money with flexible, part-time gigs. The site also offers a free Quiz to help people find a side hustle that matches their unique combination of interests, skills and resources.

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