Storytelling 4 Success Launches Transformative On-Demand Storytelling Course for Driven Professionals

The dynamic and self-paced course teaches the powerful art of storytelling to enable career advancement.

CLOVIS, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES, May 16, 2023/ -- Storytelling 4 Success announces the launch of its revolutionary and highly captivating on-demand storytelling course for professionals, called Accelerate Your Storytelling Impact.

Storytelling 4 Success is a storytelling coaching service that teaches a vital career-building skill to technical and non-technical professionals looking to advance their career and influence others. At the very core of the course, Founder and Storytelling Coach, David Ghodsizadeh, provides private online and in-person coaching to professionals looking to make a stronger impact through leadership storytelling. David provides these professionals with the framework to reflect on meaningful life experiences and craft memorable stories that connect to audiences.

“Storytelling 4 Success is where leadership and storytelling collide to create a powerful combination for success,” David says. “In today's fast-paced and competitive business world, it's not just what you say, but how you say it that matters. Leaders learn how to harness the power of storytelling to advance their careers, inspire audiences, and deliver a lasting impression.

“When communicating meaning behind messages of emotion to the audience, more than 90% of the speaker’s impact comes from sources beyond the words alone. 55% comes from facial expressions such as the eyes and mouth, while 38% derives from paralinguistics or how words are spoken. The words you speak only represent 7%. Leadership storytelling effectively incorporates these three aspects for greater impact.”

This new, on-demand storytelling course is packed with expert guidance and exercises together with 90 minutes of video content and a 20-page guide on 7 critical storytelling topics that include:

• Overview of 5 essential storytelling skills
• 5 skill development exercises to master
• Storytelling structure and SOFA acronym
• Thorough life mapping exercise and story creation
• Scalable template for storytelling delivery
• Impactful story delivery in business settings with exercises
• Additional resources – articles, videos, books, and blog.

To meet the needs of all professionals, Storytelling 4 Success offers personalized coaching services in various formats, including the online course, private online coaching packages, and in-person coaching. Storytelling coaching is a rewarding investment for students and early-stage professionals to experienced executives, in disciplines such as engineering, sales, product management, marketing, research and development, and many more.

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About David Ghodsizadeh

David Ghodsizadeh is the Founder and Storytelling Coach behind Storytelling 4 Success. David is a seasoned marketer with a rich background in the high-tech industry and received formal storytelling training in 2010s by world renowned coaches. Once he became a storytelling expert, David began coaching his own clients in 2016 as a freelancer and then started Storytelling 4 Success in 2022. His impressive client portfolio consists of professionals from a diverse range of industries including leading software companies, electronics manufacturers, medical providers, consulting firms, and educational institutions.

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