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With Sales Ever-Increasing, America’s FEAR-NONE Motorcycle Clothing Is Poised For Global Success

Fear-NONE Motorcycle Clothing looks towards USA and Global Growth

Fear-NONE Motorcycle Clothing looks towards USA and Global Growth

Fear-NONE Motorcycle Clothing Offers Over 700 Original Products

Fear-NONE Motorcycle Clothing Offers Over 700 Original Clothing Products

Iconic motorcycle clothing and gear brand FEAR-NONE Motorcycle Clothing sees its customer base ever-expanding across the US and the globe with over 700 products

With over 700 original clothing products in its arsenal, the USA Made FEAR-NONE brand is accelerating towards its long-term goal of $200 million in increased brand equity and revenues.”
— FEAR-NONE Motorcycle Clothing
CHICAGO, ILLINOIS, USA, May 9, 2023/ -- Iconic motorcycle clothing and gear brand FEAR-NONE Motorcycle Clothing sees its customer base ever-expanding across the US and the globe. Currently, with over 700 original products in its arsenal ranging from its famed t-shirts to jackets to hoodies to headgear to sweaters and even luggage, the brand is accelerating towards its long-term goal of $200 million in increased brand equity and revenues.

“It’s a tough and long fight that has been over a decade in the making, slowly but surely adding customers and products that are of the highest quality and deleting products and even customers that don’t resonate,” says CEO Bill Walen. “It’s all about having innovative, super quality goods and a unique and powerful brand and story to wrap them in… and keeping everybody loyal. That’s the key to success: innovation, quality, customer love and brand. All in that order.”

So how does FEAR-NONE keep coming up with new product ideas on such a large scale? Currently, the brand has a staggering 700 plus original products in its arsenal. With many more in the pipeline. All of which have been specially designed by FEAR-NONE’s own in house designers, artists and product specialists. FEAR-NONE is one of a handful of clothing brands capable of performing such a feat next to icons such as Nike, Puma and Adidas… but, these brands only design products, leaving manufacturing to Chinese and low-cost offshore factories. FEAR- NONE, on the other hand, not only designs but also produces and assembles all of its products in Chicago USA which makes it very unique in the world of American fashion. So, how does FEAR-NONE accomplish this? “A lot of very hard work and relentless dedication,” says CEO “Wild Bill” Walen. “It has taken a few years to build up this massive original product base that just keeps constantly getting added to season after season. We actively ask our customers what they want and listen very carefully in order to innovate our solutions to their demanding needs.” The result is a flow of constantly new, original products that delight customers and fulfill a specific product need for them at the highest performance level.

“We always aimed to be a maker of hand-finished, super high-quality and highest performance clothing and gear for serious bikers and that means our products are always made in America. Our clothing and business model are based on serious, American-made quality and design and that means you cannot make it by the boatload or rather “container-ship” load in China or Indonesia or Mexico. At FEAR-NONE clothing, we take pride in providing REAL-American-made products that are innovative, tough and that last for years... and our customers love that. It simply can't be copied by the big commercial brands selling $10 t-shirts that last a few months and who are now bust.”

For FEAR-NONE, this approach to retail clothing and its ultra-high quality mantra are working well as the brand continually adds customers from the US and globally to its army of devoted followers all while main stream brands struggle to attract customers or simply just fade away. “We have also been pretty brand and technology savvy from the start employing brand experts and brand managers. The internet has been the great equalizer, as suddenly your carefully-built brand gets known instantly anywhere and it’s open 24/7 with the convenience of instant purchasing. Just click and pay and that’s it,” says Bill.

Importantly, loving what you do, believe in, helping the community, and adding value to others means having fun. “You have to have a good sense of humor and feel good about yourself,” says Wild Bill. “Our end goal has always been to take something we love and make it into a good paying job-maker for the community right here in Chicago or anywhere in the USA. To bring back that wonderful pride you get from making things of the highest quality that are actually Made in America. For me, it’s all about American craftmanship to be proud of with products that simply are innovative and outclass anything else on the road. It feels wonderful to see a rainstorm and know 1000% for sure that your FEAR-NONE windbreaker can take it on easily— heck, throw a serious snow storm in no problem!,” says Wild Bill. “It’s a great feeling to have American-Made products like that! To know you CAN make these things for others on the road so they can live to the highest performance and not have to worry. Bad weather riding? Don’t worry, it’s taken care of. We have your back.”

It also helps if your CEO relates to his audience and has street credibility. “Wild Bill” lives by FEAR-NONE’s mantra— being a dedicated biker all his life, he celebrates the classic American biker lifestyle and its values every day. “I ride everyday rain or shine,” says Bill. “It’s just in our hearts. It’s so much more than just riding an American motorcycle and more about freedom, celebrating all we have in America, big and wide-open spaces, quality and high-performance in all-weather situations, and our unique customs, people, culture, and art. There is no other lifestyle or interpretation of living that even comes close to the classic American Biker lifestyle and no brand better represents this than FEAR-NONE. Classic American nostalgia is a very powerful thing in the American as well as the rest of the world’s psyches, so we (American biker enthusiasts) are not alone by any means. “We get attempts to copy our brand and products all the time from everywhere, but none succeed. Even the big competitors fail— as our followers know who the real McCoy is,” says Bill. “Besides, being the best-made, functional, innovative and coolest products on the market allows FEAR-NONE’s products to never look like anyone else’s… their DNA is a purely unique, old-school interpretation of American biker culture. When you see our products for the first time, they literally scream “Original,” Old School American Biker” and “serious, super-high quality,” says Bill.

“It takes a tremendous amount of effort and dedication on our brand's part but the results cannot be argued with as they are simply stellar and differentiate us from any other brand in the category whether here in the US or globally. And all of this from a tiny startup that just a few years ago only had eight products that it sold for eons! Now we have nearly 800!!! And we aint even close to slowing down,” says Bill.

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