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Learning to Play the Violin Online with Marnie Thies

Marnie Thies, Violin Expert

Learning to Play the Violin Online with Marnie Thies

ST. PAUL , MINNESOTA, UNITED STATES, March 28, 2023/ -- Teaching violin online is not new to Marnie Thies. She began teaching online before the Covid-19 pandemic when a student's mother wanted Marnie to give her son lessons remotely while the family was on vacation.

Since Covid, the convenience of online lessons has grown in popularity with students and parents. Additionally, remote learning is a great option for violin study during inclement weather. Students globally can benefit from online violin lessons.

Students, parents and Marnie have discovered that online lessons are as efficient as in person lessons for violin study. Advanced techniques such as spiccato or off the string bow strokes and vibrato have been taught successfully online by Marnie. Marnie's youtube channel, Marnie Thies Violin Lessons, has scale and arpeggio tutorials in which she explains the fingerings to use in order to play scales and arpeggios during the first part of her video. After discussing how to play scales and arpeggios, Marnie plays these notes at a relatively slow tempo so students can play along to check their pitch.

Online lessons afford the opportunity to learn about music theory. Knowledge of theory, which includes understanding of notes and rhythms, are crucial for learning new solo violin repertoire and playing with others. This is important because it is common for people to play different rhythms and notes at the same time. Understanding theory helps students learn how to play with others in chamber music or orchestra settings.

Learning to play with a steady beat or keeping a consistent tempo is a skill that can be taught online. It may be hard for students and teachers to play together when they are not in the same room but keeping a steady beat can be easily achieved by Marnie recording different musical excerpts with the metronome at a suitable tempo for the student. During the lesson, Thies records repertoire while using the metronome, so students can practice with her after the lesson. Continuing practice with Marnie's recordings will improve a student’s ability to play with a consistent tempo. A steady tempo is necessary for playing with others in small groups or orchestra settings.

Teaching students how to practice is one of Marnie's passions. During online lessons, Thies demonstrates various methods of practice. Because she feels strongly about dispensing as many practice tips as possible, Thies has also added practice tips to her website, She is excited about her student's rapid progress that is demonstrated during lessons when they practice efficiently in accordance to her practice methods. When students notice their rapid progress, they are more motivated to play. She guides students on how to practice efficiently so they can get maximum musical progress in the least amount of time. When necessary, Marnie makes recordings during the lesson on how to practice musical excerpts so her practice methods can be reviewed by the student.

To learn more and book a lesson with Marnie Thies Violin Lessons visit Thies gives violin lessons in St. Paul and Minneapolis.

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