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RealReach: A New Influencer Network for Banks and Credit Unions Launched by Seasoned Industry Content Producer

For highly regulated financial institutions like banks and credit unions, social media success and engagement is an elusive dream. After all, no bank can expect to see lots of likes, shares and comments on a post that says “Our rates are great”... especially when they can’t mention those rates without including a disclosure and the required legal verbiage. 

That’s just one of the many reasons that generating social media engagement has been a real challenge. 

Until now. Because today, Laura Enock, Founder and Publisher of CUcontent, a company providing financial institutions with content since 2002, announced the launch of an exciting new venture: RealReach. 

RealReach is a revolutionary influencer network that matches successful influencers with banks and credit unions across the country.

"We all know that products sell when influencers talk about them," said Enock. "But highly regulated companies find it difficult, if not impossible, to leverage the power of influencers to drive meaningful impact. To address that challenge, we created RealReach.”

For the last 20 years, Enock has helped over 600 financial institutions create content in highly regulated environments. Now RealReach makes it easy to access on-brand influencers in highly regulated industries.

RealReach Benefits for Banks and Credit Unions:

Access Influencers: Access to a network of influencers who are familiar with highly regulated industries and follow the proprietary Code of Ethics for Financial Influencers.
Save Time: Streamline the process of finding and managing influencers with RealReach's easy-to-use platform.
Grow Your Brand: Reach new audiences and drive meaningful impact with the help of influencers.
Real-time insights – know who’s talking about the bank and what they’re saying.
Faster campaigns – get up and running quickly with an easy-to-use platform.
Targeted reach – find influencers with the right audience.

RealReach is the ideal solution for banks and credit unions looking to increase their reach and engagement. With RealReach, both large and small banks can access on-brand influencers, get real-time insights, launch campaigns faster, and target the right audience.

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About RealReach:

RealReach provides an innovative way for banks and credit unions to access the power of influencers while staying within their regulatory constraints. 

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