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Qargo Coffee takes over East Village Art District in Long Beach, CA to empower creators

The International City is ready to experience the quality of Lavazza Coffee alongside a concept perfectly crafted for the artistic community.

As Qargo Coffee keeps expanding all across The Golden State, it’s now time to conquer the classic Southern City of Long Beach. The vibrant coffee culture of this community is the perfect scenario for the brand to take over with its high-quality Lavazza Coffee. With more than 125 years of growing and roasting experience, Lavazza offers more than just a fine-dining experience, but also a top-level harvest in their sustainable La Reserva de Tierra! blend. 

Besides offering a unique experience for coffee lovers, Qargo Coffee is highly committed in being a huge part of the artistic life surrounding the location, with their new store in the heart of the East Village Art District @ The Current. 

With this in mind, the brand has created a store where its philosophy of empowering creators connects with local artists, inspiring them to keep discovering and creating, one cup of coffee at a time. 

“We are really proud of opening the first store location of Qargo Coffee in the City of Long Beach. Besides the brand's upcoming relevance across the East Coast, the empowering creator's philosophy connects perfectly with our artistic and creative community, and that is the most important factor for us. 

Becoming part of the Qargo Coffee team was an easy process for us, thanks to the confidence we have in the high-quality products we offer in store, like Lavazza Coffee, Bindi pastries and desserts, or Lotus Plant Energy Drinks. Having a top-tier menu and encouraging a philosophy that aligns with your community is the perfect recipe to stand for a brand and make it your own. 

Our biggest dream is to have everyone in the Long Beach area visiting our modern day coffee shop and inspiring them to be their best, while sharing a premium cup of coffee.” - said Ashely and Monica Solanki, store operators for Qargo Coffee - Long Beach.

From a high-quality menu with top-level beverages, food, and pastries, to an organic connection with the communities through a unique customer experience, Qargo Coffee has all the ingredients to stand out from its competitors and keep expanding across the USA.

“Our brand statement is to “empower the creators”. When the moment arose to take on Long Beach, it only made sense to join the community. We know there’s a vast amount of young residents in the area who are eager to find a space in which they can create, be themselves and be unique, and that is when Qargo Coffee comes in. We’re continuing to grow and we couldn’t be happier about the direction our company is taking” - said Sebastian Garcia, Director of Marketing for Qargo Coffee.

The arrival of Qargo Coffee to Long Beach is not only a success for the brand and a sign of its exponential growth, but also an opportunity to keep connecting with true coffee lovers and passionate creators, who know better than anyone that life begins after coffee. Qargo Coffee looks forward to becoming a part of the Long Beach community and consolidating its presence in the area. 

About Qargo Coffee

Qargo Coffee is a specialty coffee shop proudly serving world famous, sustainably-sourced Lavazza premium coffee, inspired handcrafted drinks, delicious Italian pastries, tasty baked goods, lunch and snack options. Founded in 2020, the company is on a mission to create a new coffee shop experience and their locations generate an oasis for a moment of relaxation, intimate conversation, gathering of friends and most importantly to empower the creator. 

They are also committed to developing new locations with eco-friendly construction methods and sustainable best practices, while positioning to expand in select markets across the U.S. 

Find out more about their products and new locations on their social media and their website:

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Qargo Coffee, Inc.
Sebastian Garcia
Marketing Director
(305) 209-5116 | (786) 913-9991 |
1200 Brickell Ave. #1260 Miami, FL 33131 

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