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MAKESEND Express: Revolutionizing Same-Day Delivery in Bangkok

MAKESEND Express, a newly funded Thai logistics startup backed by SET-listed corporations, is a game-changer in the realm of same-day parcel delivery in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok. MAKESEND is able to compete in a market traditionally dominated by the post office due to its innovative use of technology and scalable operational processes.

The backbone of MAKESEND's time-saving and dependable delivery approach is the company's in-house developed technology for route planning. It accurately determines where pick-up and drop-off locations are and assigns delivery drivers to the route that is both the quickest and the most cost-effective. This not only helps save time and money but also helps cut down on the carbon imprint that the delivery process leaves behind.

The hybrid fleet technology that the company uses offers an asset-light approach to the delivery model while also allowing the selection of the most appropriate vehicle to deliver each package. The fleet at MAKESEND is capable of handling everything from a single sheet of paper to a voluminous package. Also, the same-day cold delivery service that the company provides is unrivaled in the industry in Thailand. Currently, it is the only scheduled parcel delivery company that offers such a service. This service is vital for customers who need to carry temperature-sensitive commodities such as seafood, meat, medical supplies, and other similar items.

The remarkable 99.5% on-time delivery rate that MAKESEND maintains is a direct reflection of the company's dedication to providing on-time deliveries. The company's objective is to provide guaranteed delivery and ensure the shipment will be received in pristine condition. Customers that depend on the quality of the service and need their packages delivered quickly are going to find this degree of dependability to be quite essential.

The same-day delivery of packages within Bangkok and Greater Bangkok is the primary offering of this business, with pricing beginning at 40 THB (about $1.28 USD). Because of the reasonable nature of its cost, MAKESEND Express has become a well-liked option among private customers and commercial enterprises. Given the requirement that their goods be delivered to clients within a single day, the retail food industry has shown a particular interest in the services offered by the company.

The platform that MAKESEND Express uses is built with the intention of providing services, including express delivery, cold chain delivery, and temperature-controlled delivery. This organization specializes in delivering documents, beverages, bakery items, candies, fruits, packages, and all kinds of chilled shipments. Consumers can have peace of mind knowing that their purchases will be delivered on time and in pristine shape.

Since that MAKESEND Express is the only company in Bangkok and Greater Bangkok that offers same-day delivery, the company has successfully carved out a specific segment of the logistics market for itself. Because of the company's emphasis on technology and operational efficiency, it has been able to maintain its position as a market leader while also providing clients with services that are second to none. MAKESEND Express is poised to redefine how parcels are delivered in Bangkok and beyond, thanks to its commitment to on-time delivery and reasonable price structure.

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