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International Human Rights Conference in Paris, France hosted 70 Social Good Leaders to Empower World Peace & Prosperity

Group photo of attendees of the World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France at the Zenitude Spa & Hotel.

World Women Forum 2023 Paris, France by Star-Icon Conferences. Global speaking tour uniting 70+ inspirational game changing thought leaders. Attendees from many countries, including the US, India, England, France, Serbia, Africa, Mexico, Japan, Turks & Caicos, Australia

Group photo of attendees of the World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France at the Zenitude Spa & Hotel.

World Women Forum 2023 Paris, France hosted by Star-Icon Conferences. Global speaking tour uniting 70+ inspirational game changing social good thought leaders.

Keynote Speaker for World Women Forum  2023, Paris, France - Kristen Thomasino, 22x Author, Data Scientist, Global Humanitarian

Keynote Speaker for World Women Forum 2023, Paris, France - Kristen Thomasino, 22x Author, Data Scientist, Global Humanitarian

Star Icon World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France shared messages of hope and inspiration for solutions for global peace with 70+ thought leaders. Photo : Thomasino Media LLC

Star Icon World Women Forum 2023 in Paris, France shared messages of hope and inspiration for solutions for global peace with 70+ thought leaders. Photo : Thomasino Media LLC

Listen to "The Social Good Magazine Show"  available on

Listen to "The Social Good Magazine Show" available on

The World Women Forum 2023 brought together over 70 international thought leaders to discuss how we can achieve global peace in Paris, France.

We must remember that each person's voice matters. Each person must be heard, and seen when it comes to creating positive, generational social change.”
— Dr. Angelika Wagner

LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA, UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, March 23, 2023/ -- The World Women Forum 2023 united over 70 international social good thought leaders to discuss how we can achieve global peace. The World Women Forum 2023, hosted by Star-Icon Conferences, was held at the Hotel Zenitude Spa outside of Paris, France, on March 8-9th, 2023. This event brought together thought leaders worldwide to discuss and share ideas for creating peace and prosperity. Attendees from many countries, including the US, India, England, France, Serbia, Africa, Mexico, Japan, Turks & Caicos, Australia, and others, joined this international women's day event to discuss current events and their implications for global peace.

Attendees included experts in economics, human resources, data science, technology, veterans, activism, human rights, wellness, trauma experts, neuroscience, finance coaches, religious leaders, media professionals, television and radio show hosts, public company executives, parents, mental health experts, hospitality industry professionals, entertainment industry professionals, teachers, entrepreneurs, scientists, doctors, CEOs, artists and more.

3 Episodes about the historic World Women Forum 2023 in Paris will be featured on “The Social Good Magazine Show.” The first episode will cover this international event for peace, and the audience will be able to sample the esteemed global thought leaders that presented at this gathering for prosperity and wellness. In addition, two full-length feature keynote speaker sessions will also be featured.

The World Women Forum 2023 highlighted keynote sessions that will feature global neuroscientist Dr. Angelika Wagner, Ph.D., and global humanitarian Kristen Thomasino.

Dr. Wagner is a global neuroscientist who has dedicated her life to exploring how the brain works during and after trauma, PTSD, addiction, and serious illness to understand ourselves and others better.

Kristen Thomasino is a data scientist, show host, creator of The Social Good Magazine, and 22x author passionate about using data to create positive social change.

Discussions focused on topics such as economic inequality, renewable energy, poverty, climate change, education, gender equality, health care access, mental health access, racial justice, technology, policy reform, immigration reform, gun safety, food insecurity, homelessness, human rights, reproductive rights, animal welfare, political representation, and more.

"As we come together to consider these global issues on peace,” Dr. Wagner said in her keynote address, " We must remember that each person's voice matters. Each person must be heard, and seen when it comes to creating positive, generational social change."

Dr. Angelika Wagner’s talk will be available on The Social Good Magazine Show after the official invite-only release party in Santa Monica, California, on March 28, 2023.

Thomasino shared, “If we can come together with an open mind and heart, we can create real, lasting changes that will benefit us all. The Social Good Magazine is all about finding examples of people creating positive outcomes. As a keynote speaker, I was happy to share learnings from my personal journey to improving my strength and reducing my suffering through continuing to try various goods and services. Plus, having the personal discipline to execute the personal work to improve my form.

It’s exciting to share with this global audience real-life examples of people I’ve met in various communities doing projects to uplift humanity like Miss Ukraine Olga Rechdouni’s call for Global Peace Campaign, Raffles Van Exel of Artists for Global Unity with their top 40 billboard song “Why Oh Why,” Dr. E. Lance McCarthy and the Soldiers of America housing projects or the George Floyd Foundation community projects to help communities heal, global activist Marie Lemelle’s work to unify more talent for social change, Rose Garcia’s work in the residential real estate community, DJ Leslie Ortiz for safe spaces for women to meet and gather, Kristal Kent’s healthcare advocacy work with Veteran Voices for Fibromyalgia, Mike Howren’s model to help cities across the country unify to increase global tourism, and others. Now, with Dr. Wagner’s insights and many of these other global leaders, we can confidently begin to share strategies that we believe can help humanity through generations.”

Others shared ideas on empowering women through technology, education, and support for trauma victims across many cultures.

Marie Boucaud, French Activist, and speaker at the conference said, “When talking about Violence Against Women, we have in mind physical and sexual violence, but perhaps less the fact that the most dangerous place for any woman to be is home since 58 % of femicides are perpetrated by intimate partners and other family members. A more striking figure still is that in the case of intimate partner homicides, 82 % of the victims are women. The United Nations Office on Drugs and Crime has published these statistics for their Global Study on Homicide, and other valuable information on their website that I encourage others to read to learn more about what is happening worldwide. Violence Against Women extends on a long spectrum from sexist jokes to femicides, and the Violent Metre created by French International Observatory on Violence against Women (OIVF) makes it very clear. Still, many other kinds of violence not always labeled as such, and often disguised as simply gender equality and discrimination, take place across all parts of society – at school, work, in the medical field, and in public spheres, to only name a few. We must demand that our institutions and governments take action, but we cannot wait for them. It’s absolutely key that we start acting now, individually, and collectively, taking inspiration from our local leaders, always having in mind the crucial importance of having an intersectional approach, because it’s only by addressing the overlapping forms of discrimination and its multiplying effects that feminism has a chance to include all women and do them justice. In France, inspiring local leaders include but are not limited to Laura Jovignot, Aïssa Maïga, and Sarah Zouak.”

Sandy Goldstone, from Australia, gives an inspiring speech about the importance of love in our communities at the conference. Sandy shared her insights about helping others get through trauma and abuse. Sandy’s desire to help others has been something always paramount in her life. Her early life included living on the streets and in different shelter types after experiencing her traumas. Trauma and the mental health associated with living through deep suffering can require investment in self-love.

Sandy said, “Where am I getting my energy from, and to whom am I giving it? Am I going to keep focusing on what? There are different circumstances for why life changes. It is how we respond to circumstances. LOVE is fearless. Energy flows where our attention, what we focus on amplifies. Where is your focus now? Love as Truth, Peace and Harmony, or fear, separation, and scarcity as the lie and miscreation? So, we are responsible and accountable for how we direct our light – energy. Bye, bye, victim consciousness, as our point of power always lies at choice. And our choices reflect our values and principles. We become fearless in love, to be limitless love in action when we see our hearts and souls as our own infinite lighthouse for Self-Love, a Divine love that is Pure, Innocent, undivided, eternal, whole, and enough. Spiritually interconnected to the unified field of infinite possibilities, governed by Natural and Universal Laws.”

Sandy has had a long career now since her time being homeless, helping others transform with her organization, The Hearts Way, in Perth. She has had the joy and privilege to serve and be in service in the following areas: Hospital Chaplaincy, Minister of Religion, Alcohol and other Drugs, Interpersonal Violence, Sexual Assault and trauma, Homelessness, and Mental health. She also has a BA, Adv Dip Trauma Counselling, Certificates in Emotional Release Counselling and Sand play; children and adolescents, NLP, TFT, EFT, Hypnosis, Therapeutic Massage, Reiki, and Astrology.

Throughout the two days of the event, participants discussed topics such as economic development strategies for creating jobs in developing countries; ways to empower women in the workplace; how to use technology for social good; the power of collaboration between different sectors; creating sustainable models for global peace; mental health awareness and education; understanding trauma through neuroscience; holistic treatment options, and much more.

Another beacon of hope was hearing Dr. Sheila Trapp, a 7-time author, attended from the United States to share her learnings on leadership development opportunities. She has had a long career in the non-profit space, helping others find success with her work. She identified a key area we could focus on in all our communities globally. She shared, “We must consider these issues and their proper components of a definitive fix for the next generation of leaders of a people who will demand change. Nothing on the earth belongs to us, and destroying what has been given to us is most inappropriate. We need peace on all levels, with all people in all facets. In my plight to help develop the next generations of leaders, I am committed to helping them explore ways to bring positive change in this world. It is in them to do so, and we can have justice, equality, and peace. We must stand with them!” Her vision of community stewardship should continue, and her voice should be amplified to our younger generations.

“This event marked another step towards a brighter future for everyone on Earth. We are thankful for the dedicated leaders who attended this important forum and look forward to seeing what positive changes come out of it!” Star-Icon Conferences Dr. Bhavna Kaveti

Sessions at the conference included topics such as “Uniting Nations: How We Can Create Lasting Peace,”; “Understanding Trauma Across Cultures,”; “The Power of Human Rights Activism,”; “Women's Empowerment Through Technology,”; “How to Balance Wellness With Career Goals”; and many others. Participants discussed ways to work together to create lasting peace among nations while respecting individual cultures.
In addition to engaging in meaningful conversations around these topics, attendees also had the opportunity to network with each other, which allowed them to form new partnerships that can be used to further their initiatives in their respective fields. The goal of this forum was to inspire action from those present and create tangible solutions that can be implemented across cultures worldwide.

“WWF2023 was an incredible success! We had an amazing turnout from all over the world who were enthusiastic about making a difference. Working with such inspiring leaders dedicated to creating a better world for everyone was an honor. This International Women's Day event was an enormous victory thanks to all its attendees who came together from around the globe with one common goal: global peace.” Dr. Bhavna Kaveti.

Thomasino noted, “The World Women Forum 2023 unified 70+ international social good thought leaders passionate about creating a more peaceful, loving, healthy and prosperous world for future generations. The conference concluded with a call to action for furthering global peace initiatives through collaboration between countries worldwide. The attendees agreed that it is only through collective efforts for social good that we can create lasting change for our planet. It was very inspiring to see how many came together globally for peace, prosperity, love and health. I look forward to sharing more about the conference in my upcoming episodes of "The Social Good Magazine Show" and next volume for the magazine.”

Scheduled Speakers included at the Conference : Kristen Thomasino, Dr. Angelika Wagner, Carolyn Brooks-Collins, Ruby Martin, M. Ed, Sandy Goldstone, Sheba Wilsonvac, Dr. Sheila R. Trapp, Dr. Kalpana Sundar, Jyoti Sharma, Dr. Donna M Lindsay, Dana Bagnall, Erica Gifford Mills, Nim Stant, Lisa Gillette, Tara Beasley Stansberry, Carrie Moore, Helen Zeitoun, Tiffany Lovell-Stonehocker, Melanie D. Smith, Naoko Ohri, Pastor Carol A. Walker, Jackie Lacroix, Dr. Milos Pocekovac, Andrea Isaacs, Vicki Ann Noethling, Dr. Marion Gibbon, Samia Qamar, Vaida Stone, Michaela Gaffen Stone, MS BCSA, Amanda Williams, Marie Boucaud, Prophetess Ongel Henry MS, Rachelle Ferrara, Sibonginkosi Abigail Moyo, Claudia Taboada, Ewa J. Kleczyk, PhD, Jennifer Branison, Karin Mcleod PhD, Natasa Billeci, Phillippa Bourke, Robert Caldwell, Brenna Wallace, Nicole Magnus, Winnie Kamuya, Amina Mothupi, Dr. Berlinda A. Hart Love, Elizabeth Conway, Rita Wise, Francoise Mbabazi, Dr. Brandi K Boan, PsyD, ASPPB, MSCP, Marika Wessels, Genevieve Manderville, Shelly Semchison, Patricia Gakii Mutimbi, , Carmen Carvajal, Leslie Latimore-Lorfils, Ana Baez, Ms. Divya Mehta, Samantha Higgins.

To learn more about the World Women Forum and future events Star-Icon Conferences

Thomasino Media LLC captured highlights of the Social Good event for the World Women Forum 2023. The Social Good Magazine Show has included a summary of the Star-Icon Conference event available to various international networks to watch. The official invite-only release party for “The Social Good Magazine Show Season 1’ is on March 28, 2023, hosted in Santa Monica, California, at Valnes & Company storefront location. The show will be available in audio and video versions on 20 different networks for international access.

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