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A family-owned business, Unlimited Excavation & Construction provides septic inspection, installation, repair and maintenance services in Bridgeport.

Joe did an amazing job on septic inspection. He was professional and very engaging. I will definitely utilize his services and recommend him and his company to complete your services.”
— Daniel Johnson
BRIDGEPORT, CT, UNITED STATES, March 22, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- As the seasons change, many home maintenance projects may call out for attention, but some others, such as a septic tank inspection, are easy to forget. People may overlook septic inspections, as the tank is buried underground. However, ignoring it for too long may lead to a crisis and the repairs can be overwhelming. Septic tanks require regular inspection and cleaning services to avoid water and environmental pollution, plumbing problems, and an outbreak of infections due to septic water. Additionally, regular cleaning comes with benefits such as keeping the home healthy and increasing the property value. But, to achieve all this, homeowners need to hire a company like Unlimited Excavation and Construction that specializes in professional septic work.

“Joe did an amazing job on septic inspection. Prior to the job he responded immediately to my call for service. He took the time out to explain the process of my septic tank. He provided really helpful tips. He was professional and very engaging. I will definitely utilize his services and recommend him and his company to complete your services.”
– Daniel Johnson

A septic tank is a complicated apparatus and inexperienced people trying their hand at inspecting or repairing it can escalate the issues. Most experts recommend that septic tanks be inspected every 3 to 5 years. However, some factors, such as the age of the tank and the size of the household, may ask for more frequent inspections. The purpose of a septic tank is to allow gravity and time to separate solid waste from wastewater. Tanks come in different shapes and sizes, as measured by their capacity in volume. A septic inspection in Connecticut from skilled technicians can provide property owners with information about how often they need to get the tank pumped to avoid an overflow, or worse, a backup into the home.

Often, homes that are serviced with a private septic system may have the option to connect with city sewer lines, particularly when sewage disposal poses an environmental or health risk. However, while these sewer lines are provided by the local municipality, the individual property owner is responsible for hiring expert plumbers and connecting the home’s pipes, drains, and plumbing to the municipal sewer system via a sewer mainline. In such cases, homeowners can simply Google for finding a nearby service, using popular search terms like sewer connection contractors near me, sewer connection plumbers in CT, or sewer inspection and connection companies near me. Only the first few results of these online searches can lead them to service providers like Unlimited Excavation and Construction. This company has access to the required equipment and can quickly deal with blockages and clogging on account of their experience and training in this field.

Besides septic inspection and sewer connection services, a reliable company in this domain checks the causes of septic problems and advises people on the best ways to maintain their septic tank. The information shared with the customer should include ways of preventing leakages and the best chemicals for sewage treatment, depending on the types of waste–these are the service standards maintained by Unlimited Excavation and Construction.

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Located in Bridgeport, Connecticut Unlimited Excavation and Construction has been proudly serving the community for the past 19 years. The company offers a variety of services including sewer pipe repair, drain cleaning, and sewer line installation. The staff aims to exceed customer expectations and is constantly working to improve and expand the service offerings.

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