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Elena Radford, Renowned Andean Shaman and CEO of The Inca Way, Revolutionary Life-Style Change Centers Around Self-Love

Elena Radford

Andean shamans are experts at determining how previous decisions impact present and future outcomes.

LOS ANGELES, UNITED STATES, March 20, 2023 / -- Elena Radford, renowned Andean shaman and founder of The Inca Way, introduces a new way of examining life focused on the perception of self-love. Radford says Andean shamans believe “love is the clue of our universe” and “we are the reflection of our observations.” According to Radford, “when creating the life you most want, you feel confident, empowered, balanced, free, and inspired. You have a strong sense of direction.” The Inca Way encourages life decisions beyond the constraints and internal conflict of daily struggles and is fruitful and meaningful to the individual.

“Every culture has a spiritual leader that helps them to connect their people and maintain a system of values or standards. I respect and observe shamans as spiritual leaders and teachers of ancient knowledge. There are many types of shamans. I would not want to describe them in such a way that I would put them in a box and label them all the same,” says Radford.

Radford says her lineage is an Andean shaman, which is a very ancient civilization, and they believe their land was lost when it disappeared into the ocean. Andean shamans have a unique belief system that, among other concepts, includes “balancing our energy, ideas, and dreams, and merging them into an action plan (direction) to complete and fulfill our desires, such as feeling that we are at our full potential and high performance of the essence of life,” says Radford.

Shamans from the Andes are uncommon. They are nearly extinct now, Radford explains. “They live in the high Peruvian Andes, in Cuzco and Puno in Peru and Bolivia. They originated from ancient Tiahuanaco or Puma Punku culture, but their ancestors came from a continent that sank under the ocean,” says Radford. The Edge states, “Andean shaman-priests have never been taught to think like us. They still live in the Dreamtime. They are not focused on cars, houses, or material objects. They are more concerned with energy.”

Radford says her willingness to become an Andean shaman came about due to an illness with her son. In a vision, she was approached by an ancestor who encouraged her to return to Peru to find a solution. She discovered at this point how decisions made in the past affect the present and the future. “Choices in low frequencies, such as corruption, have created blocks and limited beliefs throughout history. The clearing of these blocks is called Ancestral and DNA clearings. This is how I started my journey of Andean Shaman in the mystic Inca and Pre-Inca sites in Peru and Bolivia,” says Radford.

“The goal of the Andean shaman is to master the understanding of circular time to help their people to reflect self-love. The intent is to create our future by observation from the perspective of self-love. By balancing the present and the future, we can create a better world of love, respect, and circular time where the negative and terrible choices from the past cannot control us. We become the future of self-love,” Radford concludes.

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