Climate Change Forum’s Green Carpet Event Was The Big Winner This Academy Award Weekend in Beverly Hills, California

His Serene Highness Prince Albert II of Monaco, the patron of the Monegasque edition of CC Forum in 2020 with Max Studennikoff, Founder and Director of the Climate Change Forum

HRH Queen Diambi Kabatusouila of Congo BAFTA actor Vincent Riotta_ Valentina Castellani

CC- Forum Green Carpet Event - the lush and regal Peninsula Hotel - Beverly Hills - Ca 90210

CC-Forum's Green Carpet Event & the 95th Academy Awards Celebrated a Return to Dignified Decorum, Sartorial Elegance & An Uptick in Ecological Intelligence

Panels explored topics ‘Conscious Capitalism’, ‘Role of the Film Industry in Resolving Sustainability Issues’, ‘Racial and Gender Diversity’, ‘Investment in Preserving Biodiversity’ & 'Tech for God'.”
— Max Studennikoff - Founder CC-Forum
BEVERLY HILLS, CALIFORNIA, USA, March 16, 2023 / -- The Climate Change Forum, a global confab that brings together a triad of top-tier lenders, unicorns and rainmakers seeking to invest in the most advanced innovations, laser edge science and environmentally sustaining developments lit down for the first time in the Western Hemisphere this past March 11 in Beverly Hills, California. New to the CC-Forum's Green Carpet was a continency of ‘Hollywood Royalty’ gracing the proceedings. Attended by the 'Usual Suspects' the tri-annual convergence of high net worth individuals were joined by family offices, royalty, thought leaders and inventors of planet preserving technology. The world's most renowned classical performers from Placido Domingo to Forbes Magazine Entertainer of the Year’, Alan Landry and symphonic orchestras all have graced the stage.

Unspooling in the lush Verandah of the luxurious Beverly Hills Peninsula Hotel on Saturday, March 11th the must-attend Green Carpet Event served as a lead-up to the 95th Annual Academy Awards. Philanthropist and Founder of the Annual 'Art 4 Peace Awards', Dame Munni Irone accompanied by former Beverly Hills Mayor and film studio executive, the Honorable John A. Mirisch, observed, "traditionally the CC-Forum is a dignified display of European style decorum, sartorial elegance and collaboration similar to what transpired at this year's Oscar Fest the following night”.

Both events made gallant strides to rectify past societal mishaps. The duo served up a reinvigorating elixir to counter the malaise of a post pandemic planetary meltdown. Whereas the past few Oscars have been rife with accusations of racial elitism, a mass exodos from movie theaters to be replaced by the Tic Toc ™ obsessed and culminating in the ‘Slap!’ heard around the world; "The Academy Awards and CC-Forum herald a rousing return to ‘That’s Entertainment!', enthused Kacie Schweikhardt and Andrea Guardino of VIPictures & Company.

CC-Forum's debut in the America's was first announced at the 7th Edition in Bahrain, February 2022 and again at the three-day Summit in London’s iconic Dorchester in October. The California steering committee of the inaugural Made in America edition grappled with their own white knuckle, edge of the seat affaire. Actor and personal trainer, Michael Torchia, Diane Kelly of DK Productions, Douglas Hardin of and the grand dame of PR Ilene Proctor concurred pre-production included countless meetings, high stakes negotiations, fizzled plans, date and venue changes. Self-financed endeavor are not for the faint of heart whether indie movie making or moving the needle toward a more just and verdant planet. Uflappable and with a will of steel Max Studennikoff - the CC-Forum Founder and ringleader led the charge with a clarion cry "the show must go on".

One may aptly describe the Academy Awards 2023 as a “Return to the Classics”. Taking a nod from the CC-Forum, Variety writer Owen Leiberman observed the Oscars were “calming, tasteful, reassuring”. Audiences in the Dolby Theater, viewing parties at home and guests of the CC-Forum alike were served up two refreshing bonafide celebrations. The world’s preeminent awards show and top-tier ‘Ecocentric’ confab gave assurances that the future is not all doom-saying punditry. To the contrary, both events embraced balance, intention and hope. They were inclusive, joyful and crossed cultural divides with a finely tuned choreographed leap!

Boasting a glam gathering of 130+ influencers including UHNWs, thought leaders, investors, start-ups, royalty and celebrities each attendee was and is uniquely aligned with the CC-Forum's mission, “that is, to make the world a better place through sustainable investment,” confirmed Green Alliance Int’l Ambassador at Large, Holmes Stoner from his perch in Marina Del Rey, California. Brainstorming sessions unspooled on stage interspersed with keynotes and screenings of Oscar-winning and Oscar-nominated documentaries focusing on Climate Change, pro-action and social impact followed by moderated Hollywood style panels.

An exploration of scintillating topics included ‘Conscious Capitalism’, ‘the Role of Film and Entertainment Industries in Resolving Sustainability Issues’, ‘Racial and Gender Diversity’, ‘Investment in Preserving Biodiversity’, as well as, ‘Tech for Good’.

The discussions were followed by a five-star gourmet meal, rich networking reception and an entertainment programme featuring Alan Landry, ‘The Voice of Monaco’ gracing the stage direct from a previous engagement in Cannes on the Cote-d-Azure and Beverly Hills Sister City. Hosting participants included Max Studennikoff, Chairman and Founder of CC Forum, Oscar nominated producers Lady Monika Bacardi, Co-Founder of Iervolino Group, BK Fulton, Chairman of Soulidify Productions and Adam Leipzig, CEO of Entertainment Media Partners. Vince Riotta, the British BAFTA award-winning actor, and Ugo Mozie, the well-known Hollywood fashion designer and stylist working interalia with Beyoncé, Justin Bieber and Celine Dion, joined the opening discussion on stage chaired by Valentina Castellani, CEO of Quinn Studios Entertainment.

Other distinguished guests included HRH Queen Diambi Kabatusuila of Congo, David Casselman Founder of Ecoflix, Kerry Gordy CEO of Kerry Gordy Intellect Property, Bill Inman of Awakening.Health, His Eminence Shyalpa Tenzin Rinpoche, Toufi Saliba of TODA IP/Hypercycle, Paul Rubio Co-Founder of California Economic Club and CEO of Trillion Air Aviation and Fernando Green Chairman of Green Global Funding. The event was supported by CC Forum's Strategic Partner London-based Opes Investment Group, XLA, OYA, Global Doctors and Nurses Network, as well as Ecoverse, AILA and Beyond the Awards, among others.

The Green Carpet Event has paved the way for the full-fledged CC-Forum "Investment in Sustainable Development" to be held in Southern California and slated for June this year. The 9th edition aims to further California’s position as a global hub for sustainability investment and cutting-edge research. Poised to become the world's fourth largest economy, California continues to spearhead growth in ecological intelligence while driving the world’s economic engines to rethink and reform their businesses aimed at ushering in a new 'green' age of competitive advantage.

Future editions of the CC-Forum include two days of keynotes, panels discussions, workshops and round tables across the main and expert stages, a string of VIP networking events culminating with CC Forum's traditional black-tie investors' Gala Dinner & Awards Giving Ceremony featuring the world's most renowned classical music stars. For more information about CC Forum, visit

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