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RightBridge Financial Group Announces Restructuring and Expansion Plans

Englewood, New Jersey--(Newsfile Corp. - March 15, 2023) - RightBridge Financial Group, a New Jersey-based financial planning and wealth management company, has released details of its company-wide restructuring and expansion, including the hiring of new members of the leadership team, partnering with another investment advisory firm located in New Jersey, and the implementation of a charitable foundation.

RightBridge provides wealth management services for a select group of families and individuals, offering financial planning, tax planning, income planning, and real estate opportunities. The firm is in the process of hiring new investment officers, who will be responsible for managing the day-to-day operations of the investment portfolio, conducting research and analysis of financial markets and investment opportunities, making recommendations for investments and monitoring their performance, and ensuring compliance with investment policies and regulations.

RightBridge's new staff members will develop and implement investment strategies that align with the organization's overall financial goals and objectives.

RightBridge is also rolling out several new investment strategies for clients and will continue to focus on utilizing alternative investments, best-of fund managers, endowment structuring, and risk mitigation strategies to build diverse portfolios. Each strategy, whether time-tested or new for 2023, will take a proactive approach to helping each client to develop a plan to address their financial goals and objectives, using the most efficient methods available, and striving to anticipate and address challenges along the way.

The current leadership team at RightBridge is optimistic about joining forces with another local Registered Investment Advisory (RIA) firm. Partnering with another firm will allow RightBridge to combine resources and capabilities with its partnering firm, such as technology, research, and analytical tools. This can lead to a more comprehensive and efficient service offering for clients.

In addition, the partnership has the potential to bring together two different investment approaches to offer a more diverse range of investment options and strategies to clients. The hope is that the partnership will increase the overall reputation and credibility of both partners, attracting new clients and business opportunities; and will expand the reach of both firms, as well as offer a wider range of expertise and experience, providing clients with more comprehensive advice and support.

RightBridge founder Keith Gebert says that these changes are indicative of the increased growth of the firm, and he's pleased about his company's success. "Truthfully, so much of what we do is done so that we can pursue our true mission, which is community outreach," Gebert says. "Of all the exciting new things happening at RightBridge, I personally am most affected by the creation of a foundation in memory of my mother, Sandra Gebert."

RightBridge has a history of charitable work; the firm supports the Make-A-Wish® Foundation, and as of 2023, is now also supporting the Tim Tebow Foundation. Gebert states that within the next few years, he intends to start a mentorship program designed to educate kids and young adults on how to break through adversity and achieve success in any industry.

"The more you give, the more you will get out of this life," Gebert affirms. "One of the most important services we offer at RightBridge is end of life planning. When your time on earth is done, what kind of impact do you want to make? We ask our clients this - whether they want to provide for loved ones, give to a charitable organization, or some of both."

He states that the restructuring and expansion at RightBridge will allow his team the opportunity to continue to give back to the community, to educate families and individuals on how to make their wealth work for them, and how to plan for the future. "There are two things we get every day when we wake up: a chance and a choice," Gebert shares. "The choices you make after you get your chance are on you."

RightBridge Financial Group is a financial advisory firm that provides financial planning and wealth management services to affluent families, helping clients protect and grow their wealth, manage their tax exposure, insure potential risks, and create a legacy for their future. RightBridge utilizes alternative investments, best-of fund managers, endowment structuring and risk mitigation strategies to build client portfolios.


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