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Managers No Longer Equipped Since Most Team Members are Caregivers

Caring Counts in Every Workplace

Jeannette Galvanek, Founder, CareWise Solutions

This home-based approach supports employees in caring for their aging parents in the home, but it undermines the stability of the workforce”
— Jeannette Galvanek, founder of CareWise Solutions
OLDWICK, NEW JERSEY, USA, March 16, 2023 / -- Most Baby Boomers want to age at home.

And now, most employees are caregivers for those Baby Boomers or other loved ones requiring care.

So, what can a business do now that most of the workforce juggles a job with caregiving?

Team leaders face more stressors as staff shortages, productivity losses, employee caregiving demands, and higher team expectations skyrocket.

Employees face more stressors as they take on heavier workloads to compensate for staff shortages while meeting higher expectations. Plus, most are torn between the demands of their careers and caregiving.

Building an effective team becomes more challenging with distracted workers and leaders who lack vital skills and resources. Workplace communication falters and negatively impacts every aspect of the employee experience.

How people feel and talk about the organization directly impacts retention and recruitment.

Like it or not, managers are taking complicated actions to address the business consequences of the unrelenting burdens their employee-caregivers bring through the door each day.

The good news is that many of these challenges have workplace, team, and employee solutions.

Check out the latest article, Managers No Longer Equipped Since Most Team Members are Caregivers.

Here, organizations find they are not alone in looking for employer solutions to the caregiver crisis and find it sheds some light on options.

This latest article from CareWise Solutions helps support the caregiving journey for organizations.

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