Law Enforcement, Lawmakers, Schools & Families Align with The Bullying Buddy App to Combat Increased Bullying & Violence

The Bullying Buddy App is much needed! This App is a game-changer for all, saves lives, hurts, and pushes society in the right direction toward combating bullying!”
— Dewey McClain, GA State Representative, District 100
BAYONNE, NJ, UNITED STATES, March 3, 2023 / -- Since the recent tragic loss of multiple teens who died by either bullying violence or suicide, one NJ town has raised an army of lawmakers, law enforcement, school administrators, parents, and students to fight back with the “Bullying Buddy.”

Beyond thoughts and prayers, communities are joining forces to curtail the alarming rates of bullying and violence that are claiming the lives of young and voiceless victims who see no way out but suicide—with the “Bullying Buddy” App.

As adolescent mental health continues to decline, depression and anxiety rates among teens incline, school safety is questionable, and rates of bullying and physical assault continue to increase, the time for change is now.

The Bullying Buddy App enables real-time video and audio recording during incidents of bullying and assault that are not only admissible in court, but also immediately alerts school administrators, parents, and local law enforcement as needed. Finally, victims can feel heard, seen, and have evidence to back their claim, while these cases can be mitigated more quickly. The Bullying Buddy is sweeping the nation as the greatest solution, deterrent and defender against senseless emotional and physical assault that oftentimes tragically claims the lives of precious victims who feel disregarded and see no way out but to end their own lives.

“We are raising a culture of unempathetic youth. To date, thousands of children are taking their lives as a result of bullying, but the data is not extending the accurate numbers so it is not being presented with the imminent attention that it requires. Kids are having to worry about if they are going to be violated in school, or if someone is going to retaliate and shoot the school up. This has to stop now!”—Tara Townes, CEO of Bullying Buddy

Take a closer look at a simple, cohesive, and powerful tool designed to interconnect vital communication channels who have the authority to intervene, manage, and stop/deter bullying and assault in real-time.


This is the digital era, in which teens are more dialed into their phones and apps more than ever and bombarded with confusing, misleading messaging and cyberbullying that are more pervasive than ever before. Anxiety and depression rates among teens are steadily increasing along with bullying inside and outside of school grounds. School administrators serve warnings without evidence of assault. The end result is a hopeless victim who sees no way out but to end their life, or can also result in the victim’s raging anger coupled with easy access to a weapon that becomes another school shooting.
This horrific cycle has claimed the lives of too many to continue offering thoughts and prayers without a sustainable solution, which is why the Bullying Buddy is creating an impenetrable web of defense against bullying on a global scale.


The Bullying Buddy is a cutting-edge, patent-pending App intended to save lives. It not only allows the users to report incidences, but it also collects data in real-time with video and pictures, offers chat rooms, sends instant text alerts, and extends cyberbullying and mental health support. Moreover, the “Bullying Buddy” App is coupled with innovative empathy-based curriculum “Be Brave,” designed to address embracing diversity, building self-esteem, and redirecting negative behaviors through an experiential approach that addresses a positive Social-Emotional Learning (SEL) school climate. The App also supports families who have lost children to suicide due to bullying.

“When my son Encore was severely bullied for having a rare condition called ‘Achondroplasia,’ a fancy word for dwarfism, my heart sunk. Encore is a very happy and positive child with lots of love and drive, but when he began to come home every day with scratches and hungry with no lunch money, I knew something was immensely off. He made excuses saying he lost his money or he bought lunch for a friend.” —Townes

Hearing these stories invoked and inspired a flame in Townes for getting to the bottom of her son’s bullying and doing something about it.

“Through my research, I discovered that about 4,400 children take their lives each year and a half are related to bullying! I also learned that 160,000 middle school children skip school every day in the USA because they are afraid to attend school. Everything started making sense as to why my own son had stomach aches daily and missed school.” —Townes

The resolution was not only to inform people of what they already know, but to move them in the direction and be commanders of their communication by providing a way to ensure safety and reporting. Hence, the birth of “Bullying Buddy” and “Be Brave” curriculum was created by Townes and her son Encore to save lives.

“First off, as a long-time Criminal Justice professional (25 years), I must say that this is certainly ‘cutting edge!’ As a Criminal Justice professional and seeing the direct effects that bullying have on our kids and adults today, this innovative idea and approach is bar none the best that I have seen! To have such a resource at the fingertips of anyone who have access to a cellphone, this proactive approach in the mitigation of bullying is colossal! I would venture to say that, this idea is probably the best resource that I’ve come across in my years of working in the Criminal Justice industry! With the dynamics and the nuances of the younger generation, clearly, technology is by far, the best way to connect! This cutting-edge idea & application will save lives, it’s just a matter of people giving it a chance and educating themselves about the rapid phenomenon of this thing called ‘bullying.’ Not only kids and young people are affected by this, certainly grown adults are just as susceptible to this horrible behavior. I have no qualms in promoting this application as it will save lives!” —Jerry Thomas, Criminal Intelligence Analyst, Department of Public Safety, Washington D.C.


The town of Bayonne, NJ, has fueled an unrelenting momentum to instill sustainable solutions to this growing crisis. NJ Governor Phil Murphy is in discussion with Townes toward implementation of the App state-wide, coupled with federal and local law enforcement officials, school administrators, concerned parents, and students who are all taking a stand to stop bullying, harassment, and assault. Additionally, Mayor James Davis of Bayonne, NJ, is backing our entire mission with hopes that other mayors and superintendents will take notice and these efforts will bleed to other takes.

“The Bullying Buddy App is much needed! This App is a game-changer for all, saves lives, hurts, and pushes society in the right direction toward combating bullying!” —Dewey McClain, GA State Representative, District 100

What’s more—the Bullying App is gaining global support from athletes, celebrities, and international organizations for an all-encompassing solution that can finally break this tragic cycle of abuse and loss.

“The Bullying Buddy App is amazing! I learned so much about the different dynamics of bullying. My generation underestimates the fatal effects of this widespread problem.
We need more education and breakthrough, and this App is the pioneer app
of our generation.”—Levon Kirkland former NFL Pittsburgh Steelers

In fact, Townes recently met with representatives in Georgia and the CEO of the first bullying association under the state university to continue fueling this vital effort. The Bullying Buddy will effectively combat and mitigate bullying incidents on all levels and for all ages, worldwide.


Tara Lynn Townes, CEO of the Bullying Buddy LLC, is an impassioned Published Author, App Inventor, Certified Bullying Prevention Expert, Developmental Therapist, Curriculum Writer, and Certified Life Coach. With a Master’s in Human Development and Family Studies from Arizona State University, she has over 20 years of seasoned experience working with women, children, and families as a whole. With a Bachelor’s of Science degree in Child Development, and years of professional life coaching, and consulting, Townes is passionate about being a positive example of love and acceptance to all mankind.

As a philanthropist and mentor to the Women’s Welfare to Work program, Townes was recognized by the California State Senate and Congress for her participation and contribution. When her son Encore was diagnosed with a condition known as Achondroplasia or “Dwarfism,” there was little doubt in her mind that her son was born with a mighty purpose.

Townes has embarked on a personal endeavor to raise awareness about dwarfism and to offer a resolution for bullying. Thus, she established a non-profit organization “Tiny Be Mighty” 501 C3 to assist families who have lost children by way of suicide as a result of bullying and to combat bullying in general. Townes and her son Encore received a congressional citation award from the State of Connecticut for their anti-bullying work in the community.

As a result of her personal and professional journeys, Townes is highly dedicated to assisting others in breaking through life’s barriers.

“Our best life is what we create, which holds true for our worst life. Therefore, living beyond ourselves is how we create greatness. Whatever we put in the Universe will never return voided, so we should make it our best!” —Townes


Townes’ first book to empower children “Tiny but Mighty,” covers bullying, problem solving skills, empowerment, decision-making, and relationships and much more. Prince Encore discovers that he can win against his personal giant and the giants in the book by thinking skills vs fighting or engaging in violence.

This organization offers fundraisers, meet with parents who have lost children to suicide or who are currently being bullied. In addition, they assist families with burials and or other unexpected expenses they may have, once their child commits the act. Television, radio, articles, interviews, etc. services are centered on bullying prevention. Offering services to pre-schools to invoke early intervention. Services for targets and/or individuals who are specifically targeted due to a differently ability, parents coaching, coaching for teachers, and admin.

“We treat the entire bullying scenario, not just the bully and the target, which is something that sets them apart is their focus on healing the bully and offer bullying reform services and bootcamps.”—Townes


Townes’ second book, “Are You Raising a Bully?” is essentially the bible to understanding every aspect to bullying. It is extending the why it happens and how to effectively fix it. It is filled with endless credible information that will empower parents, students, admin, policy makers, and teachers. It visits the psychology behind all involved parties the bully, target, watcher or bystander, helper, and assistant. These are other roles involved that are not really looked into deep enough.

This book will be available March 15th 2023. Readers will learn everything there is to know about bullying, the psychology behind it, and how to recognize it before it develops into destructive behavior. This book will assist in bullying prevention, redirection, and helping students to understand who they are and how they show up even if they are a bystander and or watcher. Schools will be equipped in creative ideas on how to provide a safe and bully free school climate. Parents will be equipped with tools to address the depression and anxiety their children feel and will be able to identify sign of suicide. The nation will learn how many children are truly taking their lives on a daily basis.

“It’s about creating on the inside what you want to see on the outside! It’s all about unleashing the giant within, which is our tagline for the bullying buddy.” —Townes


* Press Conference in Bayonne, NJ (TBD, March 2023)
* Filming of “Bullied Me to Death” documentary (May 16th 2023)
* “Tiny Be Mighty” Fashion Show in Washington, DC (April 28-29th 2023)
* Meeting Bullying Prevention Panel in Washington, DC with Patriot Strategies (October 2023)


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