EveriBody Announces Launch of Inclusive Underwear Brand

Company brings innovation to the intimates industry with first-ever crotch sizing

When you’ve literally tried dozens and dozens of underwear brands and nothing fits correctly you start to believe that you’re the problem.”
— Courtney Barton
KERRVILLE, TEXAS, UNITED STATES, February 12, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ -- An innovative new brand to the intimates market, EveriBody introduces the first underwear design to accommodate various crotch sizes, throwing out age-old size conformities in gusset widths and lengths. “I spent decades in search of underwear that would keep me amply and comfortably covered without sacrificing style or panty lines”, said Courtney Barton, creator of EveriBody. “When you’ve literally tried dozens and dozens of underwear brands and nothing fits correctly you start to believe that you’re the problem.”

Consequently, Courtney began having conversations about a relatively ignored part of underwear design - gusset widths, and quickly learned that she wasn’t alone in her frustration with industry standards of ‘one size fits most’. “Once I began discussing the development of a new design that would offer crotch size options, people would volunteer similar stories and frustrations they’d had with their underwear. But what I never expected to discover were the underlying feelings of body shame that people felt because of it.” Her research into the intimates market also revealed that plus sized consumers were vastly underserved. “Many brands have XL and 2XL sizing, but almost none offer their customers size options including 4XL.”

In December 2022, EveriBody launched its first line of inclusively sized underwear with three crotch sizes in waist sizes from XS to 4XL, coining the term “Inclusizing” to describe the wide range of inclusive size availability for their customers. Says Barton, “We have struck a chord in the market with our inclusive sizing approach among all genders, and resonate with under-represented populations of the market who until now have been over-looked: women experiencing postpartum body changes, those going through gender changes, women using menstrual pads, people experiencing changes due to aging…our bodies change! Our underwear shouldn’t make us feel bad about it!”

Since their entry into the market, EveriBody has become a brand champion for inclusivity and healthy body imagery. “Our brand has started a conversation that the underwear industry perpetuates self-doubt and even worse, body dysmorphia and we’re working to put an end to it. It’s funny, I’ve always known my life’s work was to make a difference and help people feel seen. I just never expected to accomplish it with underwear."

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