Alexander Patsos Releases Dual Single, "Beautiful Drive" / "Cosmic Cry"

Alexander Patsos - Dual Single Release (Cover Artwork)

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NASHVILLE, TENN., UNITED STATES, February 17, 2023 / -- Alexander Patsos has released a new work consisting of not one but two new original songs: "Beautiful Drive" and "Cosmic Cry." This dual-single release features two unique and powerful compositions, showcasing the work's extensive reach and versatility. The Nashville-based, New York-bred artist is a musician, producer, and actor who brings a wide array of talents to the table, often infusing his charismatic personality and varied range into his work. Patsos' music incorporates punk, alternative, stoner rock, and other influences, resulting in an exceptionally diverse sound.

While in New York, Patsos had the chance to play at some of the city's most prominent venues, like the world-famous CBGB, where bands such as The Ramones, Blondie, and Television performed live.

Joining forces with producer Mike Williams, Patsos recorded the two upcoming singles, "Beautiful Drive" and "Cosmic Cry," at Composium Studios. These songs offer a broad insight into his creativity and mindset as he continues to expand his music and explore a wide range of styles and artistic ideas. As the vibrant cover art suggests, the sound is compelling and fresh, demonstrating Patsos' ability and willingness to connect with his audience in a genuine, fun, and lighthearted manner.

Stream <"Beautiful Drive"> and <"Cosmic Cry"> Now.

Fans of The Smashing Pumpkins, Trent Reznor, The Ramones, Mudhoney, The Jesus and Mary Chain, and Cloud Nothings are strongly encouraged to check out Patsos' work.

Connect with Alexander Patsos on social media: @alexanderpatsos. His latest singles, "Beautiful Drive" and "Cosmic Cry," will be available on all major digital streaming platforms starting February 17, 2023.

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Alexander Patsos - Beautiful Drive (Official Music Video)