Mobius Energy forms Strategic Partnership with DUST Identity to Secure Battery Supply Chain and Enable Circular Economy

MOBIUS' Husky battery module protected by DUST's advanced anti-tamper seal

MOBIUS' Husky battery module protected by DUST's advanced anti-tamper seal logo logo

Dust Identity Logo

Dust Identity Logo

Using unclonable “fingerprints” to secure battery modules and anchor them to the digital thread, Mobius and DUST prioritize safety of electric aircraft battery

With our focus on safety and brand integrity, it was essential for us to find a partner who could provide us with end-to-end security and data transparency for our battery”
— Eugene Choi, CEO,

TUSTIN, CA, USA, February 7, 2023 / -- Corporation, a leading high-power battery provider for electric aircraft, today announced a collaboration with DUST Identity Inc., a leading authentication and digital thread solution for physical objects. With DUST technology, Mobius is taking one step closer to helping electric aircraft manufacturers confidently and securely accelerate their transition to renewable energy sources.

DUST anti-tamper security and digital thread technology ensure the battery lifetime traceability through the second life reuse and the end of life recovery – building a sustainable circular battery economy.

The Electric Vertical Takeoff and Landing (eVTOL) market is expected to reach $322 billion by 2030, according to Morgan Stanley’s BluePaper. With electric flight adoption on the horizon, operator and passenger safety is critical. Mobius developed a safe and high-power battery module enabling electric flight of eVTOLs.

As a leading provider of batteries for electric aircraft, Mobius’ Husky battery module has two life stages: first-life deployment on electric aircraft and second-life mobile supercharger.

In addition to ensuring Mobius Husky battery modules are never tampered with, this implementation of DUST's technology will also allow for real-time tracking of each module along with its performance history and maintenance logs. This data transparency will be invaluable for fleet operators seeking to optimize energy usage and ensure proper module servicing or replacement schedules.

In March 2022, the EU proposed a digital record system to enable the transfer of key information between parties, the battery passport, to achieve sustainable battery life cycles. DUST’s platform is designed to be compatible with the proposed EU battery passport requirements. Furthermore, it provides a higher level of security because its unique physical markers cannot be cloned nor tampered with.

"With our focus on safety and brand integrity, it was essential for us to find a partner who could provide us with end-to-end security and data transparency for our battery," said Eugene Choi, founder and CEO of Mobius energy. "DUST's technology provides an unrivaled level of protection against tampering while offering transparency into product use across its entire lifecycle. We're excited about this collaboration and what it means for our customers."

“Mobius is at the forefront of the Advanced Air Mobility industry, and we are excited to join them as they scale renewable energy adoption for electric flight,” said Ophir Gaathon, co-founder and CEO at DUST Identity. “With operator and passenger safety on the line, it’s essential that the right data is available at the right time and right place. Inaccurate or unavailable data could have major consequences on safety or fleet availability.”


DUST Identity, Inc. is a leading authentication solution for physical objects - enabling trust in complex value streams. The company’s award-winning anchored digital thread solution delivers the ability to track and trace an object’s pedigree and provenance throughout its entire lifecycle - providing access to the right information at the right place and at the right time. The Boston-based company with roots at MIT is backed by several world-renowned companies and investors.

- Scott Ludwig,

ABOUT MOBIUS.ENERGY CORPORATION: Corporation has developed a safe, high-power, and energy-dense battery module optimized for electric aircraft. Its battery has a market-leading high discharge rate that provides a power boost during take-off and landing. Its high charge rate enables fast charging. Its streamlined modular design facilitates easy maintenance, on-site swapping, and cost-effective reuse and recycling. Mobius will deliver its modules through a subscription model, including maintenance and salvage services. Repurposing its modules for a second life in the stationary market and providing end-of-life recycling will contribute to the decarbonization of the aviation industry.

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