Church of Scientology of Budapest Sunday Service: To Help Make the Most of the New Week

Sunday Service at the Church of Scientology Budapest

Sunday Service at the Church of Scientology Budapest

Sunday Service at the Church of Scientology Budapest, open to the community. A unique opportunity to reflect on common values and renew oneself for the week.

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY, February 2, 2023 / -- Each week, the Church of Scientology of Budapest opens its doors to the community for Scientology events, tours of the Church’s Public Information Center, and a unique Sunday Service that is always open for all to attend.

Sunday Service always contains practical knowledge in the form of a sermon taken from the works of Scientology Founder L. Ron Hubbard.

Those attending then participate in Group Processing, a form of auditing, or Scientology spiritual counseling, delivered to large numbers of people simultaneously. This consists of an instruction or series of instructions that can increase one’s awareness and put one in better communication with everything and everyone about the person. Group Processing helps the individual free himself of adverse material influences in the physical universe and become more able to regain his own spiritual awareness.

The Church also holds special Sunday Services themed to various calendar events. For example, at Christmas, Sunday Service included a concert of Christmas music.

A New Year’s Sunday Service held in January began with a sermon on the subject of war—something that has become very real to Hungarian Scientologists who have been providing relief all year to refugees from the war in Ukraine.

This made the reading of the Scientology Prayer for Total Freedom by Mr. Hubbard all the more poignant:

“At this time, we think of those whose liberty is threatened; of those who have suffered imprisonment for their beliefs; of those who are enslaved or martyred, and for all those who are brutalized, trapped or attacked.

“We pray that human rights will be preserved so that all people may believe and worship freely, so that freedom will once again be seen in our land.

“Freedom from war, and poverty, and want; freedom to be; freedom to do and freedom to have.

“Freedom to use and understand Man’s potential—a potential that is God-given and Godlike.

“And freedom to achieve that understanding and awareness that is Total Freedom.

“May God let it be so.”

There is also a Sunday Service and concert planned for February 19 in honor of Valentine’s Day.

The Church of Scientology of Budapest is an Ideal Scientology Church, dedicated by Scientology ecclesiastical leader Mr. David Miscavige in July 2016. The Church is configured to serve its parishioners in their ascent to spiritual freedom and to serve as a resource for the entire community.

For more information visit the website of the Church of Scientology Budapest or take a virtual tour of the Church with a video on the Scientology YouTube channel.

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