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Serving the workers of Johnston, Iowa, Fiedler Law Firm is an expert on employment law and helps people fight discrimination in the workplace.

The best thing about working with Amy Beck and the Fiedler Law Firm was that throughout a process that is inherently stressful & complicated, I just always felt like I was in the best hands possible.”
— Bridgette
JOHNSTON, IOWA, UNITED STATES, February 4, 2023 / -- People spend the majority of their time at work. And even though the general public would like to believe that all employers are morally upright and treat employees fairly, that is not always true. In some cases, employers may violate the employment law unintentionally, blatantly, or both and put their employees at risk. Therefore, people should hire an employment attorney in Johnston to review and analyze an employment contract and other more complicated legal issues regarding the workspace.

Employment lawyers play a crucial part in protecting employees and handling disputes between employees and employers. They can provide guidance, examine agreements and contracts and advocate for the employee in negotiations and court cases. A workspace presents a close working situation. Conflicts in such close-knit circumstances are not surprising. There are numerous conditions in which an individual can feel aggrieved or believe that they have been the victim of illicit office conduct that might influence their perks and privileges that are legally protected. In any workplace conflict demanding legal action, it is in the employees' best interests to consult an expert employment law practice in Johnston, such as Fiedler Law Firm.

Discrimination in the workplace happens when an employee or prospective employee is treated unjustly compared to others because of their background or personal attributes. Contrary to popular belief, prejudice can happen at any time throughout the application process, the interview process, or while an individual is employed. In job discrimination, the intent is mostly meaningless. Prejudice, unintentional or intentional, is wrong and unlawful in Johnston, Iowa, as well as anywhere else. The protection of people from all origins and personal traits is a foundational principle of municipal and national discrimination law. An employment lawyer's purpose in cases of discrimination is to identify or demonstrate that an employer intended to treat an employee or potential employee differently because of the following protected qualities:

● Gender
● Sexual orientation
● Religious leanings
● Race or skin color
● Ethnicity
● Age
● Pregnancy
● Physical or mental health
● Disability

When an employer mistreats large groups while claiming that all employees are treated equally, many choose not to engage legal counsel. However, abuse, exclusion, or discrimination concerning any number of people is still safeguarded by the law and can be easily handled by an employment lawyer in Johnston.

The best thing about working with Amy Beck and the Fiedler Law Firm was that throughout a process that is inherently stressful and complicated, I just always felt like I was in the best hands possible. I was heard, I was validated, I was taken seriously. These guys are not just great attorneys — they are great people.
– Bridgette

Wrongful termination, usually called illegal termination, occurs when an employer transgresses state or federal law, contract terms, or public policy. If this happens, an employer may be held responsible, which frequently culminates in reparation for the effects of the illegal layoff. A widespread misunderstanding in the laws is shown when an employer states that employment is "at will," which means that an employer can fire an employee at any time for any cause unless otherwise protected under a contract. Nevertheless, the purpose of termination cannot be illegal, such as in the following situations:

Failing to grant protected time off for things like family obligations and medical needs
Retaliation against an employee who takes part in protected actions, including reporting discrimination and harassment, abiding by whistleblower guidelines, accepting the offered benefits, participating in investigations into the business or its employees, or adhering to jury duty requirements
Breach of direct or implied promises of employment in the future
If a contract of employment specifies the parameters and termination policy or provides security and protection against termination, there may be agreement violations. In such situations, the agreement precedes "at will" employment.

Sexual harassment is regarded as one of the most heinous illicit activities in the workplace. It is frequently accompanied by quid pro quo solicitation, a hostile work atmosphere, and stereotype assumptions. It covers any conduct that involves unwelcome sexual advances, sexual activities, and any spoken or physical acts of sexual nature. Given the gravity of the actions, it can be challenging for many employees to determine whether they have been a victim of sexual harassment. However, it is critical to remember that sexual harassment includes unwanted sexual advances, ranging from crude sexual remarks, jokes, and texts to more severe touches and advances. Employment lawyers can come in handy if workers feel sexually harassed or assaulted. The legal experts at establishments such as Fiedler Law Firm know how to deal with the alleged harasser, the company's policy, and the HR managers.

Local and federal regulations offer protected employment based on background, personality traits, public policy, medical needs, and other factors. An employer may also guarantee further benefits. This can influence a lot of workers' decisions on what position or business to choose. However, suppose an employer offers benefits but fails to deliver them. In that case, the employee may file a lawsuit to recover damages, unpaid pay, and other potential costs associated with the unfulfilled promise of benefits. Promised benefits may include:

● Health insurance
● The date when the salary is credited
● Increase in salary upon taking up a new position or finishing a certain time period at the job
● Paid time off
● Annual performance bonuses
● Festival bonuses

It is illegal to deny employees benefits to save money or maltreat them on any account. Therefore, when encountering any major workplace issues, people must take legal action immediately by talking to an employment attorney. Lawyers at institutions like Fiedler Law Firm can help employees take legal action against their employers and claim the benefits they deserve.

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