Introducing Textbuddy: The AI-Powered Writing Tool for Clear and Concise Content in Plain English

The tool finds passive, complex, or vague words or phrases to create flawless content in a refined and plain language.

MUNICH, GERMANY, January 27, 2023 / -- is proud to announce the launch of its new writing tool - Textbuddy.

Developed by Vidiludi Software, Textbuddy is an online text editor that helps writers create clear and concise content in plain English. It works by finding words or phrases that are passive, complex, or vague, as well as pointing out long sentences to help users write in a polished, yet intuitive, manner. With its GPT-powered AI assistant, writers get access to synonyms, as well as grammar and spelling checks.

"There are already good, online tools to create flawless and correct content, but we wanted to go one step further: Textbuddy focuses on refined and plain language to create content superior to the competition," said Gabriel Morgenstern, creator of Textbuddy. “In addition to the features listed above, Texbuddy also writes drafts, rewrites text in plain English, and analyzes the text sentiment. Users will also get statistics, such keyword density, and a readability score for their text to create above-average content.”

Due to these remarkable features, Textbuddy is a game-changer for writers who want to improve their writing skills in understandable and plain language. Users paste their text into the editor or write directly into the online tool. It will automatically update while they write and highlight possible flaws.

“What makes Textbuddy even better is the fact that you can use the online text analyzer for free on any device,” Morgenstern states. “However, if you want to use the AI features, you will need to sign up for Textbuddy Premium, which starts at $9 per month.”

For more information about Textbuddy, or to give it a spin, please visit

About Vidiludi Software

Vidiludi Software was founded by Gabriel, a German entrepreneur and software developer who has co-created several popular online tools and apps. After developing the German writing tool, "Wortliga Textanalyse," he put his experiences to work on his new project: TextBuddy - the Plain English Writing Tool.

Gabriel Morgenstern
Vidiludi Software