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Learn Industry Secrets and Expand the Network at the 4th Ever All-Access PT Domination Experience

Brian Mark

CANADA, January 26, 2023 / -- PT Domination is bringing the largest business conference for personal trainers across Canada to Kelowna, BC

Fitness and health are important for everyone. Mental and physical well-being are interlinked. A healthy body translates to a healthy mind, and vice-versa. Most people often lack the motivation or knowledge to exercise by themselves. As a result, they require some extrinsic motivation and assistance. That’s where personal trainers enter the mix.

The personal trainer industry has continued to grow over the past decade, especially as people have become more aware of the importance of exercise and nutrition. The world has transitioned from fast food and unhealthy living habits to a greater emphasis on eating well and treating bodies like temples.

PT Domination is an online coaching business that aims to help people unchain themselves from the shackles of the nine-to-five rat race and gain financial freedom by embarking on a fitness journey. In addition to improving their health, PT domination members gain the skills and knowledge to help other people transform their lives through health and fitness. PT Domination aims to assist members in developing skills that allow them to become online personal trainers and make enough money to become their own bosses.

PT Domination was started by Brian Mark. Mark has been in the health and fitness industry for over nine years. He’s also the proud owner of the Iron Energy gym in Kelowna, which has over 1450 members.

Iron Energy gym will also serve as the venue for the fourth-ever PT Domination Experience event. The event is the largest business conference for personal trainers nationwide. The last event was graced by seven-time Mr. Olympia Phil Heath. This year’s event will also feature world-renowned Layne Norton, a powerlifting and bodybuilding natural champion. In addition, it’ll also feature 200 trainers from all across the globe.

Brian Mark shared, “The PT Domination experience is the largest business event for personal trainers nationwide. Our goal is to help personal trainers network and connect while sharing nutrition and fitness secrets with each other. The event is held to expand our collective knowledge through information exchange and knowledge transfer. Moreover, our goal is to promote the health and fitness industry by encouraging more people to become personal trainers.”

Those interested in attending the event can find more details through the contact information provided below.

About PT Domination
PT Domination is the brainchild of Brian Mark. He was born and raised in Calgary, Alberta. Brian Mark began his journey in the fitness industry when he was 24, participating in fitness competitions and winning trophies. Eventually, he brought his nine-year experience to the coaching table, starting PT Domination. PT Domination is an online coaching business with clients worldwide. The business helps people transform their lives by earning a livelihood through fitness and nutrition coaching.
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