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The Four Most Crucial Auto Services Ford Drivers Should Know About

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Fresh, clean oil will be a goldish tint and transparent.

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Tires need more maintenance than people realize to last as long as they do.

Ford Service Coupon discuss the top auto maintenance services drivers need to keep their vehicles running for years to come.

CINCINNATI, OH , UNITED STATES, January 26, 2023 / -- No matter what type of vehicle someone owns, how well-engineered it is, or how new the technology is, every vehicle needs maintenance services to keep it running. A vehicle needs all kinds of different services, but some services are more frequent than others. Some services are due every three to five thousand miles, while others are not due until after the first seventy thousand miles. Ford Service Coupon discusses four of the most frequent maintenance checks most vehicles today need and why they are needed.

4. Battery Services

Anyone who has owned a vehicle for any length of time has probably experienced a dead battery or two. They occur at the most inconvenient times, and it is never fun to spend about $100 unexpectedly. Thankfully, battery replacements only need to occur once every three to five years. That is why it is number four on this list.

If batteries are well maintained, free of debris and corrosion, and secured down under the hood, batteries can last quite a while. The better-taken care of they are, the longer they can last.

Ford battery services can often depend on the battery. Some batteries are virtually maintenance-free such as AGM or absorbent glass mat batteries. These batteries can last a lot longer than conventional batteries and charge up more rapidly as well. The most interesting feature AGM batteries have is there is no free-floating battery acid, unlike conventional batteries or flooded lead acid batteries.

Conventional batteries are also known as "wet cell batteries," which refers to the liquid electrolyte solution, consistin of sulfuric acid and distilled water. These types of batteries have been around for quite some time and are still one of the most common batteries used today. They are reliable and cost-effective, but they do require more maintenance than AGM batteries.

3. Brakes Inspections and Replacements

Brakes are the most important safety feature of any vehicle. Today, vehicles have an overabundance of different safety features with sensors, cameras, extra airbags, and brake assists. However, all of these fancy new features won't help your vehicle stop properly if your bakes are worn down too much.

Brake failure is not an immediate consequence of worn brakes, but the longer someone goes without changing their brakes, the more damage it can cause to other parts of a vehicle. For instance, neglected brakes can dig into the rotors, which can be an expensive repair since rotors should typically only need to be replaced anywhere between fifty to seventy thousand miles.

Brakes need to be inspected at least once or twice a year and should be replaced about every ten to twenty thousand miles. However, this timeline will often depend on the driving habits of the driver and daily mileage. Drivers who brake harder and drive long distances on a regular basis may need more frequent replacements.

2. Tire Replacements

New tires are another expensive investment, but still one worth paying for. Tires hold the weight of a vehicle, everything in it, and any extra weight the vehicle may be towing or hauling. They can provide a smooth and comfortable ride and help grip the road, preventing drivers from sliding around, especially in wet or icy conditions. Needless to say, services for tires are crucial.

Tire replacements make number two on this list because, if well maintained, tires can last up to ten years. Most people replace their tires after six years or forty thousand miles, but depending on driving habits, distance, road conditions, and weather, tires can last up to a decade. In order for tires to last this long, they constantly need the correct pressure, and they need to be rotated.

Ford tire service gets put at number two instead of number one because tires also need to be rotated once every six months or so, which can be performed in conjunction with the number one maintenance service.

1. Oil Changes

Oil change services are number one on this list for several reasons. The first reason is oil changes are the most important service for any gas or diesel vehicle. Two, they are the most frequently-needed services, with some vehicles needing an oil change once every three thousand miles. Third, out of all services listed here, they can have the most expensive consequences of not being performed in a timely manner.

Oil is essential for any engine, and without it, an engine can't run. Oil helps to lubricate, cool, and clean engine parts. Otherwise, the engine will overheat, grind together, and get clogged with all sorts of dirt, dust, and debris, rendering the engine dead.

If an engine dies due to lack of oil, it needs an overhaul which is extremely costly. Overhauls can cost anywhere between three thousand and five thousand dollars, and that is on the cheaper end. Some engines, depending on what they are, can cost upwards of six to seven thousand dollars.

While owning a vehicle is an investment, it is an investment worth making. Vehicles provide the freedom people need to live their daily lives and go places they've always dreamed of. However, that is only possible if maintenance is completed at proper intervals with good-quality parts and products.

Affording maintenance service can be difficult for many, but it doesn't have to be with Ford Service Coupon, a money-saving service available to all Ford customers in Virginia, West Virginia, Ohio, Kentucky, and Tennessee areas who need to save on essential auto services. Maintenance is a crucial part of owning any vehicle, and Ford Service Coupon aims to help drivers across the country get the services they need the most at a price no one can beat. For more information on how Ford Service Coupon is helping these communities call 859-341-6603 or email them at

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