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State-run COVID-19 testing sites to close this week

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Jan. 24, 2022

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State-run COVID-19 testing sites in four locations around the state will close this week, marking the end of their nearly three-year run serving Minnesotans. The St. Paul Midway site will close on Friday, Jan. 27, the Duluth site will close on Jan. 28 and the sites in Brooklyn Park and at the Minneapolis-St. Paul Airport will close on Jan. 29.

“We are extremely grateful for all of the partners, staff and contractors who worked to make these state-run testing sites a cornerstone of Minnesota’s nation-leading response to COVID-19,” said Minnesota Commissioner of Health Dr. Brooke Cunningham. “COVID-19 tests will continue to be widely available to Minnesotans from a variety of sources.”

COVID-19 testing will continue to be available through a number of sources. The state’s at-home test ordering program continues to take its last round of orders, and Minnesotans can order those tests at Order your free at-home rapid tests. Minnesotans should also check with their insurance companies about their eligibility for free at-home tests at local pharmacies. For additional testing options through clinics and pharmacies, Minnesotans can use the state’s Find Testing Locations tool.

In addition, the State of Minnesota continues to operate a telehealth test-to treat program accessible to all Minnesotans via Cue Health. After testing positive with any at-home or lab PCR or antigen COVID-19 test, people can use a website, mobile app or phone call to get started and be connected to a virtual consultation with a licensed clinician who will evaluate them to determine if treatment is a good option. If they are a good candidate for COVID-19 medications, the clinician can issue that prescription to the patient’s local pharmacy.

The Minnesota Department of Health continues to encourage COVID-19 testing when recommended, including when you have symptoms or if you were exposed to someone with COVID-19. Additionally, people should follow recommendations for how long to stay home and when to wear a mask if you test positive for COVID-19 as well as make sure you are up to date with your COVID-19 vaccinations, including the updated (bivalent) booster when you are due.

How Minnesotans can get a free COVID-19 shot 

  • Contact your health care provider or a local pharmacy. 
  • Use the state’s Find COVID-19 Vaccine Locations to find vaccine providers near you. 
  • Check for vaccine appointments at, where you can search for appointments by vaccine type (e.g., Pfizer). 
  • Watch for vaccination clinics being offered at other community locations around Minnesota. 

How Minnesotans can get a COVID-19 test 

  • Order free at-home rapid tests through the state’s COVID-19 at-home rapid testing program. 
  • Check with your insurance company about ways to get free rapid tests from pharmacies. 
  • Contact your health care provider or a local pharmacy.
  • Find a testing option near you through the state’s Find Testing Locations map. 


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