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Unity for Freedom in Ukraine Helps Citizens Badly Affected By The War

Alexander Rekeda and Unity for Freedom in Ukraine deliver life-saving materials to those in need.

Alexander Rekeda and Unity for Freedom in Ukraine aim to help ease the suffering of those impacted by the war.

Alexander Rekeda and Unity for Freedom in Ukraine volunteers raise money and awareness for those in need.

NEW JERSEY, UNITED STATES, January 23, 2023 / -- The war in Ukraine has been a shocking and devastating situation with no real positives. It's a war most of Russia didn't want and devastated many people living in Ukraine. It has also caused global economic problems that may linger for years after the war is finished. That's why groups like Unity for Freedom in Ukraine, led by Alexander Rekeda and others, have stepped in to help.

How Unity for Freedom in Ukraine is Helping Citizens in Ukraine
The charity group Unity for Freedom in Ukraine was formed to help people in this country bounce back from the devastation wrought by Russia through the war. The idea is to make it easier for the country to transition back to day-to-day life after the war. It includes taking direct care of the population and providing various tools, like educational resources, to its residents.

One of the first steps was to send individual first aid kits (IFAK) to Sumy, Ukraine, in April 2022. These first aid kits are critical for the Sum region because it's directly on the border with Russia and was heavily shelled during the first month of the invasion. Though the region is now back in Ukraine's hands, it gets regularly shelled, and people get hurt and killed daily.

Thankfully, Unity for Freedom in Ukraine has provided these IFAK items directly to the residents who need them. These kits include essential life-saving materials, including bleeding control and wound management gear. They also include chest seals, combat gauze, hemostatic agents, and tourniquets that help the citizens of Ukraine take care of their wounded when no other resources are available.

This step is just the first in a multi-stage plan to help residents in the area. Increasing education, medical care, and other steps have provided residents with the assistance they need in trying times. When the war finally ends, no matter what the result, groups, and charities like these help residents get back to their daily lives with as minimal difficulty as possible as a group.

This dedication is just one thing that makes Unity for Freedom in Ukraine different from other charities. They work hard to keep administrative expenses as close to zero as possible so that every dollar donated goes to goods and services for Ukrainian citizens, not to bureaucrats. Their in-depth network of volunteers helps to make shipping costs almost nothing, providing on-the-spot charity work for the neediest in Ukraine without causing undue financial difficulty in their lives.

While the war is still raging and doesn't yet show signs of stopping, that isn't limited to Unity for Freedom in Ukraine in their quest. They'll continue bringing goods and gear to the people of this beleaguered country, including as many IFAKs as it needs to keep itself safe. It hopes to provide an excellent example to other charitable organizations by showing them that it isn't necessary to run massive and costly groups to help others and that minimal costs can be obtained while still helping the world.

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