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It Seems that Everyone is Becoming a Caregiver for Aging Parents

Boomers are Mad as Hell

Jeannette Galvanek, Founder, CareWise Solutions

Caring Counts in Every Workplace

OLDFIELD, NEW JERSEY, UA, January 19, 2023 / -- Baby Boomers worked hard. They raised families. They went to work thinking, “Someday, I’ll retire.” They saved and built a pension. Some might think they’re complaining about the economy. That’s not what frustrates them most.

They want to age at home. The fiasco at the care homes during covid didn’t create their desire. They’ve always wanted to stay home. They downsized into ranchers so they could stay home.

So, what frustrates them most as they age at home?

This CareWise Solutions article, previously published on the Age Brilliantly website, explains the problem – which is probably not what most people think.

Society says that this is a private problem. A combination of health and money issues are nobody’s business. So, each family must find unique solutions.

Children and grandchildren are ruining their physical and mental health, families, and careers because of their responsibilities to the Boomers they love. They’re taking too much time off work and getting training in stress and anger management. They’re not nurses, yet they perform medical tasks, so Boomers rely on love instead of medical expertise to stay alive.

They’re aging at home but undermining their children’s and grandchildren’s lives.

CareWise Solutions supports employed family caregivers exhausted by caregiving demands. Employer strategy development ensures families receive the care they deserve. CareWise Solutions upgrades employer workforce plans so employees can care for loved ones and stay employed.

Over 40% of employees carry this burden, costing employers an estimated 5% of annual revenue. CareWise Solutions’ customers are mainly employers, although they also offer educational materials for caregivers.

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The care industry is not prepared. Family cannot do paid jobs and be a caregiver. It’s time to protect families’ employment, income, and relationships and get the quality of life and care they deserve.

For an in-depth analysis and thought leadership on employment and family caregiving transformation direction, The 3 Waves of Care explains the three waves of chronic, evolutionary caregiving change.

For unmatched family caregiving resources for employed caregivers and families, visit the Caring Place HUB for Employees.

Jeannette Galvanek, Founder, CareWise Solutions – a non-profit educational organization, is activating a generational shift in line with Baby Boomer aging, life, and care expectations.

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The Employee Caregiver Crisis in America