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Citizens of Humanity Group and Kiss the Ground partner to create “Kiss The Ground Cotton,” taking a fresh approach to promoting Regenerative Agriculture

Los Angeles, CA, Jan. 11, 2023 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Los Angeles, CA (January 11, 2022) – Citizens of Humanity Group and Kiss the Ground announce their strategic partnership to establish “Kiss the Ground Cotton,” a fresh approach for promoting regenerative agriculture and a pathway to regenerative cotton. The trademark will let consumers know that the products they purchase are made with cotton grown on farms engaged in regenerative agriculture practices. This partnership will benefit Kiss the Ground with endowments for each pound of cotton produced in efforts to support the broader regenerative agriculture movement as a viable solution to combat climate, water, and health crises.

 Regenerative agriculture is one of the greatest tools and opportunities for reversing the effects of climate change while increasing soil fertility, replenishing fresh water, and improving human health. Regenerative farming has been proven to reduce carbon dioxide in the atmosphere and increase organic matter in the soil by sequestering carbon through increasing photosynthesis. The regenerative agriculture practice of building and maintaining living soils allows biology to make more nutrients available for the crop, thus reducing and even removing the need for synthetic inputs. While there are many different methods and techniques that make up regenerative agriculture based on context, the principles remain universal.

 Kiss the Ground has become a leading voice in bringing awareness to regeneration through its storytelling, education, and advocacy of regenerative agriculture and soil health. Tens of millions of consumers have already been influenced by the film and the work of Kiss the Ground. And this partnership will further the nonprofit’s ability to tell this critically urgent story while broadening consumers’ options to consciously purchase. 


“We see an incredible opportunity to impact one of the most chemical intensive and soil degrading systems of agriculture - growing cotton - by directly supporting cotton farmers to transition to regenerative agriculture.”

Ryland Engelhart, Co-Founder of Kiss the Ground


Citizens of Humanity Group first embarked on its regenerative agriculture journey early in 2022 after being inspired by the Kiss the Ground film. Together with Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA), a regenerative farming consultancy company with 15 years of experience in the regenerative farming industry, Citizens of Humanity Group has officially joined forces with Kiss the Ground on a program to work directly with farmers in the United States and abroad supporting their growth, education, and adoption along the continuum of regenerative agriculture. The program aims to support the transition of farms to effectively practice regenerative agriculture and reap the economic and environmental benefits that come from a healthier soil. The support will include teaching the farmers how to adopt the best regenerative farming methods and practices for their specific farm context. Each farm will also be annually testing for soil and plant health to ensure progress and verification that regenerative outcomes are being fulfilled. Financial support for farmers will come in different ways – from acquiring necessary equipment and biological materials to the cost of testing the crop and price subsidies. Based on location and soil structure, no two farms are exactly alike and will be treated accordingly.


“We believe the single biggest impact we can make to reverse the effects of climate change is the implementation of regenerative agriculture. Kiss the Ground has been a leader in this movement since 2013, and this is an opportunity for us to come together to combat this critical issue.  There are more than 25 million tons of cotton being grown in the world. Imagine the impact we can make as a collective if we support farmers making this transition. Our goal is to inspire and motivate as many people, brands, suppliers, and farmers as possible to make this transition and to support them in the process.”

Amy Williams, CEO of Citizens of Humanity Group


 “Kiss the Ground Cotton” will debut in Citizens of Humanity Group’s Fall 2023 collections across its family of brands: Citizens of Humanity, AGOLDE and GOLDSIGN.  The centric belief behind this partnership is that the journey to a regenerative future needs to be as inclusive as possible, with the collective goal of inviting others – including additional farmers, brand partners, textile mills, standardization groups, and finally, the consumer – to join the “Kiss the Ground Cotton” initiative and become part of the regenerative agriculture movement. 


“In the United States, less than 20% of the adult population has 'heard of' regeneration as a viable solution for the world's climate, water and health crises–we are thrilled to partner with Citizens of Humanity to actualize their work in the cotton field and help awaken the world to the possibilities of regeneration. As a society, we need to get to a place where we think more about how the products we consume are created and choose the ones that are part of the solution.”

Evan Harrison, CEO of Kiss the Ground



Kiss the Ground is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit on a mission to awaken people to the possibilities of regeneration and inspire participation in this movement through storytelling, education, and advocacy. Since being established in 2013 with the goal of creating societal awareness around the extraordinary potential of healthy soil, Kiss the Ground has educated and activated tens of millions across the world.



Within the Citizens of Humanity Group, you’ll find Citizens of Humanity, AGOLDE and GOLDSIGN. Three ready-to-wear labels, each of which boasts a uniquely directional voice and clearly carved place in the denim market. Built upon a philosophical foundation of commitment to quality and uncompromising standards, the company’s core values support everything it does. The company uses the most innovative fabrics sourced from around the world and facilitates product development in its vertically owned facilities to create denim, knits and outerwear of the highest caliber. Company-wide, each brand is committed to being thoughtful in the creation of its products and uses advanced methods to reduce its imprint on the environment, including regenerative cotton, laser technology, ozone machines and high-efficiency wash methods. In short, Citizens of Humanity Group invests in the future. 


A recognized leader in regenerative agriculture since 2006, Advancing Eco Agriculture (AEA) is on a mission to help growers become more resilient, efficient, and profitable. 

AEA works directly with growers on the application of its unique line of crop nutritional supplements and biological inoculants. Informed by cutting-edge plant and soil data gathering techniques, AEA’s science-based programs empower farm operations to become more resilient, efficient, and profitable. 

AEA has created real and lasting change on millions of acres with their products and data-driven services — working hand in hand with farmers in North America to produce healthier soil, stronger crops, and higher profits.

Beyond working on the ground with farmers — AEA is a leader in regenerative agriculture media and education — producing and distributing popular, highly-regarded, and impactful webinars, seminars and talks, educational content, and the Regenerative Agriculture Podcast, which are go-to resources for growers around the world who thirst for actionable information about regenerative agriculture.


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Kiss The Ground

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