Actor and Felon Steve Comisar on the Road to Redemption

Actor Steve Comisar

After getting released from prison actor Steve Comisar reached out to the A-list for a little help.

It’s not how you start, it’s how you finish.”
— Steve Comisar
LOS ANGELES , CA, USA, January 12, 2023 / -- Steve Comisar has been an actor for most of his life. He has appeared in dozens of movies, television shows, and commercials. He is also a felon who was recently released from prison for fraud.

Where does an actor go after serving time in federal prison? He goes to the most famous celebrity felons for help. Comisar shares one thing in common with actors Robert Downey Jr, Mark Wahlberg, Wesley Snipes, Tim Allen, and Christian Slater. They are all actors who served time in prison. Comisar contacted all of them and to his surprise not one single A-lister replied to his request for help.

Comisar says, "Some of Hollywood's biggest stars did prison time. I really thought at least one of them would help me get some acting jobs so I could start working again. No such luck. I guess they didn’t want to be reminded of their bad boy days before making it big in Hollywood.”

Comisar’s publicist, Jennifer Gray, says, “You would think that other actors who went to prison would be compassionate towards Steve who suffered the same plight. Hollywood is the land of second chances where everyone roots for the underdog. Unless a very powerful A-lister steps up and helps Steve it’s going to be very difficult for him to make a comeback.”

On his road to redemption Comisar decided to change course and do something positive to give back to society for his past transgressions. He contacted the Make-A-Wish foundation and offered to donate 2 valuable second row tickets to The Lion King at the Hollywood Pantages theater. Comisar also has 2 ringside seats to WWE SmackDown and 2.6 million Marriott Bonvoy hotel points that he would love to donate to a critically ill child’s family.

Not every Hollywood story has a happy ending. This one certainly would if only one kindhearted celebrity would step forward and lend Comisar a helping hand. In the meantime, if you’re looking for actor Steve Comisar he will be on the road to redemption. Comisar says, “It’s never too late to turn your life around and start doing the right thing.” It’s evident that’s what he’s doing right now.

By: Sandi Rosen, Celebrity Newswire


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