Paycheck Launches Upgraded Token on Polygon Blockchain - Check Token ($CHECK) Now Trading on SushiSwap

Recognized as "the workforce currency" by investors worldwide, Check Token by Paycheck utilizes one of the most remarkable concepts in cryptocurrency history.

VALLETTA, MALTA, January 1, 2023 / -- Paycheck, a decentralized finance network built on the Polygon blockchain, is excited to announce the launch of its upgraded token on SushiSwap. Paycheck develops tools for individuals to build and compound wealth through its applications and services. The company aims to provide users with opportunities to work and earn cryptocurrency by accessing various skill-based applications on their platform. One example of a skill-based application is the Paycheck NFT Marketplace, which employs artistic and trading masterships. Everything works in concert through a binary model at Paycheck. If you don't have cryptocurrency, they develop tools for you to go to work and earn it. If you already have cryptocurrency, they develop tools for you to compound it.

Paycheck has successfully launched its native cryptocurrency, Check Token ($CHECK), on SushiSwap. Trading of the token on SushiSwap officially began on December 30, 2022. This follows the recent launch of the Stake application and Lock application, as well as the completion of a contract upgrade on BitMart and LBank. In addition, Paycheck is currently developing an NFT Marketplace that will utilize Check Token as the primary shop currency for buying and selling NFTs. The marketplace is set to launch on Paycheck's Testnet and soon after on Paycheck's Mainnet. This highly-integrated economy marks the beginning of Paycheck's grand vision. The company will build upon this foundation to construct a highly versatile DEX built for trading, yield farming, NFT collateralized lending, and maximized DeFi protocols.

Check Token is Paycheck's flagship cryptocurrency that originally debuted on the Binance Smart Chain in late 2021. It has since been upgraded and moved to Polygon Network. The token is at the core of every product the company releases. Check Token offers a wide range of utilization options. It can be used to buy and sell NFTs in the Paycheck NFT Marketplace, applied to the Stake application to earn daily rewards, applied to the Lock application in exchange for locked tokens, used as a financial asset to pay for goods and services, and more. The company also plans to use the token for minting payable and redeemable NFT checks on the blockchain. With such a wide range of possibilities, Check Token is a valuable asset for anyone looking to maximize their financial freedom.

"Paycheck's primary focus is to create applications that employ skillsets for building wealth and compounding earnings through blockchain technology. We design our products to be simple yet robust, making the first steps toward securing one's financial future a piece of cake," said James L. Odom, the CEO of Paycheck Decentralized Finance.

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