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Market for Smart Door Locks Market forecast(2022-2029): By Type, Applications, and Regions

The global market for smart door locks was valued at $5 billion in 2021 and is expected to rise at a CAGR of 10.30% per year to $9.90 billion in 2029.

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SEATTLE, WASHINGTON, USA, December 17, 2022 / -- Global Smart Door Lock Market Overview

A smart door lock is a type of door lock that uses electronic means to unlock and lock a door. Smart door locks can be opened and closed using a variety of methods, including fingerprint recognition, radio-frequency identification (RFID), Bluetooth, and near-field communication (NFC).

In the past few years, the market for smart door locks has grown rapidly. This is due to the increasing awareness of the benefits of these products among consumers. Smart door locks offer a number of advantages over traditional locks, including increased security, convenience, and flexibility. As a result, the demand for smart door locks is expected to continue to grow in the coming years.

Market Segment and Regional Analysis

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There are many types of smart door locks on the market today. The most common type is the electronic cipher lock, which uses a keypad to enter a code. Fingerprint locks are also becoming more popular, as they offer an extra layer of security. Z-wave locks use a wireless connection to communicate with a central hub, while Wi-Fi locks connect directly to your home network. Bluetooth Low Energy locks are newer and use less power than other types of smart locks. Other smart door locks include those that work with voice recognition or have a built-in camera.

A smart door lock is a device that uses electronic or magnetic means to lock and unlock a door without the need for a key. Smart door locks can be used in both commercial and residential settings, as well as in industrial applications. There are many different types of smart door locks available on the market, each with its own unique features and benefits.

A smart door lock is a device that uses biometrics or a keycard to unlock a door. Smart door locks offer homeowners and businesses increased security by requiring users to authenticate themselves before entering. The Asia Pacific region is the largest market for smart door locks, followed by Europe and North America. The Middle East and Africa region is expected to grow at the fastest rate during the forecast period.

Prominent Key Players of the Smart Door Lock Market

The key players in the global Smart Door Lock market are ASSA ABLOY (Sweden), Allegion (Ireland), Dormakaba Group (Switzerland), Spectrum Brands (US), Master Lock (US), MIWA Lock (Japan), Samsung (South Korea), Sargent and Greenleaf (US), Dessmann (Germany), Guangdong Be-Tech Co., Ltd. (China), Honeywell (US), SALTO Systems S.L.U. (Spain), Tenon Locstar(China), SCLAK SpA(Italy) , Jiangmen Keyu Intelligence Technology Co., Ltd.(China) , Adel(Australia) , Guangdong Level Intelligent Lock Industrial Co., Ltd.(China).

Key Market Segments Table: Smart Door Lock Market

Based on types, the Smart Door Lock market is primarily split into:

• Electronic Cipher Locks
• Fingerprint Locks
• Z-wave Locks
• Wi-Fi Locks
• Bluetooth Low Energy Locks
• Other

Based on applications, the Smart Door Lock market covers:

• Commercial
• Residential
• Industrial
• Other

Geographically, the detailed analysis of consumption, revenue, market share and growth rate, historical data and forecast of the following regions are covered:

• Asia Pacific
• Europe
• North America
• South America
• Middle East And Africa

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Analysis of the impact of the Russia-Ukraine War and COVID-19

The outbreak of the Russia-Ukraine War in 2014 and the subsequent annexation of Crimea by Russia had a profound impact on the development of the smart door lock industry. The war led to a sharp increase in tensions between Russia and the West, which resulted in Western sanctions against Russia. These sanctions made it difficult for Russian companies to access international markets and technology. This, in turn, had a knock-on effect on the development of the smart door lock industry in Russia.

Key Drivers & barriers in the Smart Door Lock Market

There are many different factors to consider when choosing a smart door lock for your home. Some of the key drivers include security, convenience, and price. While each of these factors is important, they may not all be equally important to every consumer. For some, security may be the most important factor while others may prioritize convenience or price.

Barriers to entry for smart door locks include lack of awareness and perceived complexity. Many consumers are not aware that these products exist or how they work. Even if they are aware, they may believe that the installation and operation of these locks is too complex. These barriers can be overcome with education and simplification of the product.

Key Benefits for Industry Participants & Stakeholders:

Smart Door Lock is an advanced security solution that offers a number of benefits for industry participants and stakeholders. The technology provides a high level of security by incorporating biometric authentication, tamper-resistant design, and encryption. These features make it difficult for unauthorized individuals to access premises equipped with Smart Door Lock. The technology also offers a convenient way to manage access as it can be integrated with existing security systems and databases. This allows authorized personnel to easily and quickly gain entry while keeping unauthorized individuals out. In addition, Smart Door Lock can also be used to track entries and exits, providing valuable data that can be used for security purposes. Overall, Smart Door Lock provides a number of advantages and benefits that make it an ideal security solution for businesses and other organizations.

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• Research Methodology
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• Players Covered: Ranking by Smart Door Lock Revenue
• Market Analysis by Type
• Market by Application
• Customer Support
• Personal Assistant
• Customer Engagement
• Retention
• Covid-19 Impact: Global Major Government Policy
• Global Smart Door Lock Market Trends and Growth Strategy
• Global Smart Door Lock Market Players Profiles
• Artificial Solutions Company Profile
• Global Smart Door Lock Production Capacity Market Share by Market Players
• Global Smart Door Lock Revenue Market Share by Market Players
• Global Smart Door Lock Production Forecast by Regions
• Global Smart Door Lock Marketing Channel, Distributors, Customers and Supply Chain
• Analyst's Viewpoints/Conclusions
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