Battery Chargers Market by Size, Trends, Shares, Global Trajectory & Analytics, Demand, and Forecast 2028

Global Battery Chargers Market

Global Battery Chargers Market

Battery Chargers Market - Zion Market Research

Battery Chargers Market - Zion Market Research

The global battery chargers market size was worth around USD 24 billion in 2021 and is predicted to grow to around USD 33 billion by 2028

The report analyzes the global battery chargers market’s drivers, restraints/challenges, and the effect they have on the demands during the projection period 2022-2028”
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SUITE N202, NEW YORK, UNITED STATES, December 14, 2022 / -- The global battery chargers market cap is expected to grow owing to the rising population and the subsequent rise in demand for electronic products, mostly driven by the use of smartphones, laptops, and other electronic gadgets. Smartphone manufacturing companies are investing heavily in not just upgrading technology but towards intense market penetration as well. Until a few years ago, smartphones, laptops, and other such items were considered a luxury but as of 2022, electronic items for every market segment are widely available. In the USA, more than USD 92.5 billion is expected to be generated from laptop sales in 2022 which is close to 5% of growth since 2021. In South Africa, the sales of laptops marked a 3.7% year-on-year increase as per reported. Such a higher adoption trend of battery-operated items is expected to aid global market growth during the projection period. The safety issues related to poor-quality battery chargers are expected to restrict global market expansion. The rise in domestic players is projected to provide global market expansion opportunities. The complexities in developing fast-charging batteries may challenge global market growth. The global battery chargers market is dominated by players like Analytic Systems Ware Ltd., Accutronics Limited, Energizer Holdings, Inc., FRIWO AG, Hop Wo Enterprise Limited, Charging Technologies Inc, Kolvin Industries Ltd., Associated Equipment Corporation, Kussmaul Electronic Co., Inc., Exide Technologies, HindlePower, Inc., Anoma Corporation, and Jeckson Electric Co., Ltd

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Zion Market Research Methodology

The global battery chargers market is segmented by application, technology, product type, and region.

Based on application, the global market segments are vehicles, electronic products, industrial machinery, and others. Vehicle charger segments may come out as one of the most promising sectors propelled by the rising sales of EVs. The global EV charger market may reach up to USD 26 billion by 2027.

Based on technology, the global market segments are smart, solar, and conventional. The global market may witness high growth in the smart segment owing to the increasing development in the field of smart devices. Over 1.4 million units of smartphones were sold worldwide in 2021.

Based on product type, wireless and wired are the two main global market segments. Currently, wired chargers are more commonly used since the majority of the application runs on wired charging cables. However, with the growth in technology, wireless chargers may soon gain greater momentum in the coming years. From 2018 to 2022, Apple managed to sell more than 6 billion units of wireless chargers.

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Global Battery Chargers Market Overview:

A quality battery charger is a necessity for durable and well-performing batteries. In any price-sensitive market, chargers can sometimes be given low priority but for any battery-operated device to perform up to its full potential, it is important that the battery and its charger go hand in hand. A battery charger is most commonly known for its charging speed. A battery charger converts the stored chemical energy into electrical energy and once the electrolyte of the battery is used, it has to be recharged. It provides Direct Current (DC) to the device in order to restore the used electrolyte.

A battery charger should be disconnected from the device once the equipment is completely charged in order to avoid any malfunctions and to sustain the performance output of the product.

A consumer charger generally comes with the product and is sufficient when used as described. Industrial battery chargers are manufactured by third parties and possess various other qualities like charging at difficult or adverse temperatures. The most basic form of a charger was the overnight charger or the slow charger. Such chargers were nickel-cadmium based and could only provide a fixed charge of around 0.1C till the time the device was connected to the charger. Some chargers that charge AA, AAA, or C-type batteries still deploy this method. Rapid chargers are what fall between slow and fast chargers. The charge time for a completely drained pack lies between 3 to 6 hours. Fast chargers are currently the most in-demand type of chargers owing to the various benefits associated with them like shorter charge time. Fast chargers deploy a charge rate of 1C and can charge an empty NiMH or NiCD battery in less than an hour. Covid-19 had a mixed impact on the global market cap. On one hand, the demand for industrial chargers did not register higher demand but the demand for mobile electronic equipment of devices at hospitals and other essential facilities marked a rise in demand owing to the growth in remote work culture and added pressure on the healthcare sector.

Regional Analysis:

North America is anticipated to generate the highest revenues in the global battery chargers market owing to the economic growth of regions like Canada, Mexico, and the USA. The per capita income and expenditure index in these economies is comparatively higher which has led to higher demand for technologically advanced products ranging from personal items like electronic gadgets to heavy machinery which is mostly battery-aided. The USA currently accounts for 27% of the regional market and is expected to lead the rising trend during the projection period.

Asia-Pacific may follow suit in global market domination. China is expected to propel regional growth since it is one of the world’s largest economies, and is expected to grow at a CAGR of 10% by 2028. Japan may also assist regional growth with a CAGR of 4%.

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Recent Development:

In August 2021, Western Digital launched two new wireless battery chargers with fast charging, data sync accompanied with automatic backup, and other features. The product launch has aided the company in making its entry into the wireless charging segment and the products are named SanDisk Expand Wireless Charger 15W which is coupled with an adaptor and SanDisk Expand Wireless Charger Sync.

In February 2022, Ashok Leyland, Hitachi Energy, and IIT-M announced a joint collaboration to start work on a 20-sec E-bus battery charge which may aid the expansion of electric vehicles in the Indian transport system. Hitachi Energy is striving towards developing a flash technology capable of charging buses within 20 secs capable of running for long hours. This system is expected to propel the planned EV expansion in the Indian market scenario

In February 2022, ABB, a multinational organization specializing in energy solutions launched a new charger for electric vehicles. The newly launched product is capable of charging EVs in a span of 15 minutes and is claimed to provide the fastest charging experience in the global market.

In April 2022, Sevenaire announced the launch of a new MagSafe charger specifically designed for Apple devices. The launch includes 3 MagSafe 3-in-1 charging docks that can charge the Apple Watch, Airpods, and Apple iPhone. The new products include D1850, D1800, and D1900 capable of supporting up to 15W of wireless charging.

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