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/EIN News/ -- Timisoara, Romania, Dec. 13, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- is designed for gamers by professional gamers. Their team of 10 uses the latest research and extensive gaming knowledge to provide gamers with breaking gaming news, reviews, game guides, and strategies.

They have now released a new Stardew Valley and Minecraft circle guide to help improve your in-game experiences and take the frustration out of difficult tasks by offering easy, step-by-step tactics to get the best out of these popular games.

Always striving to give you the first peek at the newest game releases, updates or a first look at the next big gaming trend before it starts hitting the headlines, as well as the best gaming technology and equipment, their team provide content to help you take your skills to the next level.

Beyond Gaming Journalism goes beyond average gaming journalism by offering gamers content that they want and need.

They include no incentivized content and no bias towards their own favorite games, instead focusing on helping their readers receive the latest reviews, strategies, and video game guides that will help them improve their gaming experience and learn the necessary tactics to bridge the gap between competitive casual and pro gaming.

Stardew Valley

Their latest Stardew valley guide (a role-playing game where players take on the role of a character who takes over their late grandfather’s rundown farm in Stardew Valley) is designed to demystify the packed and sometimes complicated game.

For beginners, it may be difficult to choose what to deal with first, from tending to your crops and animals, going fishing, exploring dungeons, or socializing with neighbors, and helps you learn exactly where to start.

They have created an in-depth ‘Stardew Valley Beginner’s Guide’ to help players get acclimated to the Valley, and daily life within the game, as well as sharing their tips and tricks on how to better utilize your time.

Breaking down the guide into easy-to-read, digestible sections, their team walks you through the best way to start the game and equips you with the essential knowledge to help you explore the Valley on your own.

Some of their starting advice includes:

Character Creation

The first thing you need to do is to design your character and choose your farm.

As you cannot reaccess the character creation tool until much later in the game, they recommend picking out your perfect hairstyle, pants, shirts, eye color, and everything else exactly how you want the first time around.

Choosing Your Farm

When choosing your farm, they suggest playing your first run-through with the ‘Standard Farm’ which means you don’t have to deal with roaming monsters or complicated layouts for your first play-through.

Minecraft Circle Guide

An immensely popular game that utilizes a sandbox, blocky style to create a wonderfully pixelated world, Minecraft can be as tricky as it is entertaining.

As the blocks lack curves like many other survival games, those playing often arrive at the same question when designing their home or other buildings in the world – how do I create a circle? and their Minecraft circle guide will help you create the perfect circle with a variety of different methods, from throwing an item on the ground and watching for its shadow to installing some mods and data packs.

As each graphic in the game is made out of a 1 square pixel, their team recommends the bigger you build, the better your circle, and show you how to make a circle the original way by utilizing 15×15 blocks.

You can do this by using the following steps:

  1. Prepare Material
  2. Make a Plus
  3. Start the Outline
  4. Repeat for the remaining corners

Their team will show you exactly where to place your blocks and how many to use in each step and even include useful photos to help you if you get lost.

With their Minecraft circle guide, you will find yourself soon making odd-sized and complicated circle designs to fit any terrain in the game.

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