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Eliminating Menopause Symptoms Using Functional Medicine: Tri-Cities Releases New Guide

woman with menopause symptoms and granddaughter

JOHNSON CITY, TENNESSEE, UNITED STATES, December 9, 2022 / -- Tri-Cities Functional Medicine just released a new guide on treating menopause using a functional medicine approach. Many common symptoms can be debilitating for aging women, including:

• Hot flashes
• Headaches
• Mood swings
• Weight gain
• Sleep issues

However, with functional holistic treatment, patients can improve their condition by identifying underlying causes. Unlike conventional medicine, functional medicine goes beyond managing surface symptoms. More and more menopausal patients are also looking for an alternative to doctors who may dismiss their symptoms. When traditional approaches fail, women often find relief by taking this direction instead.

The personalized, individualistic nature of functional medicine allows patients to feel understood and is generally more effective than a one-size-fits-all treatment. In addition, a holistic view takes into account the entire person – mind and body – resulting in the comprehensive management of menopause.

It is not uncommon to see dietary changes, exercise habits, and mental health recommendations incorporated into treating menopausal symptoms. Natural hormonal production is also encouraged over the typical use of prescribed synthetic hormones. For women looking to move past the prescriptions, pills, and standardized treatments, functional medicine could be the answer.

Functional medicine is a scientific approach that focuses on practicality: if treatment is not working, practitioners will continue to adjust until it does. Empowerment and a customized healthcare plan are emphasized when looking to reduce suffering from menopause.

Tri-Cities Functional Medicine in Tennessee offers a pragmatic route to treat menopause symptoms. Dr. Radawi and the Tri-Cities team are available to restore wellbeing and a healthy, happy lifestyle – starting with a unique, person-centered perspective. Together, they will help discover the root cause of symptoms, decrease the severity and frequency of symptoms, provide nutrition and health coaching, and manage hormonal changes with ease.

For women interested in a functional medicine approach for addressing menopause symptoms, visit the Tri-Cities Functional Medicine website to watch a webinar and get started.

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