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Romania's Home and Deco Market Has The Highest Growth In Eastern Europe, With Companies Like SomProduct Taking The Lead

Home and Deco as a consumer market is growing rapidly in the Eastern European region, with the highest growth rate coming from Romania. One of the top retailers for Home and Deco in Romania is SomProduct.

As the economy recovers from the shutdowns and restrictions worldwide from the recent pandemic, many markets are beginning to see impressive improvements in their year-over-year growth. One such market is the Home and Deco industry. A recovering economy means that consumers have the ability to purchase comfort items and décor again, and the industry is reflecting that. 

Eastern European and Romanian sales trends show impressive growth

Eastern European sales trends are positive year-over-year, with more online sales especially beginning to occur. This positive trend goes from good to impressive when Romania is looked at on its own. With numbers far higher than the EU, Romanian Home and Deco retailers, like SomProduct, are feeling the increased demand. 

Home and Deco in Romanian is already over 25% growth year-over-year. This double-digit trend is being fueled by Romanian Home and Deco retailers, with SomProduct near the top. 

SomProduct as a leader in this growing sales trend

An increase in demand requires an increase in supply to keep trending upward. As one of the top Romanian Home and Deco retailers, SomProduct is a crucial piece of this sales growth. With a combination of online and brick-and-mortar stores, they’re aiding in supplying the massive demand in this industry. 

SomProduct opened its doors in 2008 as a mattress store. The right mattress provides rest and comfort and can improve one’s sleep. The goal was to offer quality, simplicity in ordering, and fast delivery. SomProduct began with only five products. It was just three mattress options, a single box spring, and a single sofa. Most orders were received on the phone as the small team worked hard to supply their customers. 

SomProduct truly began to grow as a company in 2012 with more offerings and a better online store to improve the consumer experience. What began as a small mattress store is now a Home and Deco retail giant, topping the market in Romania. 

It’s this innovation and growth that has made the recent Home and Deco sales trend in Romania possible. SomProduct now offers hundreds of options, from mattresses to dining sets to home décor. Their wide range of products allows anyone to find the perfect item for their home and personal style. 


Romania’s positive Home and Deco sales trend is made possible by retailers like SomProduct. They provide thousands of products for consumers to choose from and truly supply the demand coming from their customers. 

SomProduct’s combination of online and in-person stores allows for an even larger group of shoppers to take a look at the vast options they offer, ultimately feeding this sales growth trend even more. With companies like SomProduct in the Home and Deco industry, the future is bright for continued growth.

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