Ecommerce Business Expert Marcel Chan Empowers Entrepreneurs with Pioneering Coaching Program

HONG KONG, December 2, 2022 / -- With the ground-breaking MES - Million Ecommerce System, Marcel Chan is illuminating wealth building opportunities with an accessible and low-cost approach to entrepreneurship in ecommerce - available to anyone, anywhere.

In helping others to realize anyone can succeed in entrepreneurship with the right system and approach, Marcel Chan is becoming a leading voice in ecommerce coaching with his Million Ecommerce System (MES).

The MES program provides a carefully structured, step by step system which allow individuals to execute incredibly successful business without prior experience, training, or extensive industry knowledge. In fact, most of the Million Ecommerce System’s success stories come from individuals who quit their 9-5 jobs and started without experience in ecommerce, finding incredible wealth building opportunities in a the cross-border business of digital commerce done right.

In sharing his system for success, Marcel Chan is helping others to earn income easily and from anywhere, at any time. With the ability to get started quickly and begin earning with minimal investment and low operating costs, the MES program is ideal for those looking to improve their lives with rapid business success that can be sustained and grown. The Million Ecommerce System also integrates a top automation system as well as the latest in AI technology to ensure every ecommerce business established with MES is setup for success. Areas such as logistics, after-sales service, and customer relations also represent important aspects of the program with Marcel’s expertise behind every step and advisement.

Furthering his unique offerings and training, Marcel Chan provides a 5 to 1 coaching program, which is the only program of its kind. Transparency and honesty are true values of MES as Marcel and his associates share all their strategies and secrets to ensure success and profitability. This includes the open sharing of partners, vendors and business relationships to enable the most successful launchpad to wealth building and even greater opportunities. Marcel’s focus and commitment is to the people he coaches and the longevity of the businesses they build. As has been said and proven many times, “Don’t worry about failure. You only have to be right once.”

To learn more about the Million Ecommerce System, visit the website here, or connect with Marcel Chan on LinkedIn.

About Marcel Chan

Marcel Chan is leading mentor and coach as well as 8-figure marketing strategist who retains over a decade of expertise in leveraging commerce customer relations and business building in the ecommerce space. Focused on helping others to achieve their goals in digital-driven entrepreneurship, Marcel empowers individuals globally to establish successful ecommerce companies that can earn 7 figures a year in just 6 weeks. He is the only coach in the ecommerce coaching space that has earned over 14 million HKD in sales per year, with audited accounting reporting as proof.

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