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Resilience Institute Milestone: 20 Years of Delivering Research-based Resilience Training Worldwide

Celebrating 20 years of Resilience Institute

The Resilience Digital Toolkit

Resilience Digital Toolkit at work

Founded in New Zealand in 2002, the Resilience Institute now supports thousands of organisations worldwide with evidence-based tools and training.

At the Resilience Institute, we believe that resilient people enable the development of resilient organizations, which can contribute to a resilient planet.”
— Benoit Greindl

LAUSANNE, VAUD, SWITZERLAND, November 30, 2022 / -- December 2022 marks the 20th anniversary of Resilience Institute, a global resilience research, technology, and training organisation.

Founded in New Zealand, the Resilience Institute is now present in Switzerland, France, the United Kingdom, the United States, Canada, South East Asia, Australia, and South Africa. In 2021 the company relocated its headquarters from Auckland, New Zealand, to Lausanne, Switzerland to support fast growth across Europe and North America.

The Resilience Institute's founder, Dr. Sven Hansen, said, "Twenty years ago, we began our journey as the Resilience Institute. I was a lonely voice in a world where resilience and well-being had little relevance. Today, attracting, retaining, and motivating the people who make organisations work is essential. In post-Covid 2022, with mental health—and great or quiet resignations—resilience is both the right thing to do and good for business."

In 2022 the Resilience Institute introduced a range of new products. Their flagship program, Precision Training, has supported hundreds of thousands of professionals at thousands of companies worldwide. This program enables companies to measure human resilience, equip employees with personal action plans, and experience live training sessions. New products include RD Score—a 60-factor resilience assessment for individuals that delivers powerful insights for leaders—and RD+ Toolkit—a digital resilience toolkit supported by live monthly training sessions. These sessions feature experts in specific skills such as mindfulness, micro-habits, high performance, and positive psychology.

Another milestone achieved in 2022 was the publication of a comprehensive Global Resilience Report showcasing the top five skills supporting the most resilient individuals, based on a study of 23,990 participants who used the Resilience Diagnostic assessment during the pandemic. Entitled "Performance with Care," the report reveals that the master resilience skills are Sleep, Fulfillment, Bounce, Relaxation, and Focus. The report also highlights how, regardless of age group and gender, participation in resilience training programs resulted in consistent gains in strength factors and a reduction in risks. It demonstrates that investing in resilience training is a proven way to increase wellbeing and productivity while mitigating workplace risks such as disengagement and talent loss.

Dr. Sven Hansen said, "With a global team serving thousands of organisations, we have come a long way. Performance with care requires good leadership, measurement, and evidence-based training. We are proud to contribute to the evolution of conscious and ethical business. We know that we touch hundreds of thousands of lives in positive ways. Year after year, we can prove that what we do delivers results. We know what key factors reduce suffering and drive fulfilment."

Discussing the organisation's future vision, Resilience Institute CEO, Benoit Greindl, said, "At the Resilience Institute, we believe that resilient people enable the development of resilient organisations, which can contribute to a resilient planet. Our goal is to make resilience the most reachable capability for effectively achieving performance with care. Care for self, care for others and care for the planet."

About The Resilience Institute

The Resilience Institute is the world’s leading provider of resilience research, training, and technology solutions. They work with organisations that believe in growing people to elevate performance and transform culture. With their research-based Resilience Digital Toolkit and a network of expert consultants, they deliver training to Fortune 500 companies, SMEs, NGOs, sports teams, universities, and governments via regional hubs worldwide.

The Resilience Institute Global is a B Corp Certified (Pending) organization.

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