The Employment Screening Advice Center Continues to Expand Understanding About the Background Checking Process

The Employment Screening Advice Center blog offers the background check industry an important service to drive continuous learning and improvement.

We are building a bridge for the stakeholders of background checks to better understand how their destinies are intertwined in the process and to help each of them to achieve the best possible result.”
— W. Barry Nixon
ALPHARETTA, GA, UNITED STATES, December 6, 2022 / -- The Employment Screening Advice Center offers important content from experts in employment background checking for Employers, Job Seekers and Background Checking Firms to help them continuously improve.

Here are some of our most recent expert guest posts to the Employment Screening Advice Center

Advice for Employers:

- HoundLabs: The Unexpected Costs of Drug Use in the Workplace
- Data Facts - Inflation in the Background Screening Industry: How to Keep Costs in Line
- Accurate Background - Continuous Employee Monitoring Is a Powerful Tool to Protect Your Company
- True-Hire - FCRA Violations: The Top Five Mistakes Employers Make

Advice for Background Check Firms:

- CRAzoom - Remote Workforce Policy
- ScreeningExchange - Global Screening: A Business Growth Opportunity for CRAs
- Equifax Workplace Solutions - How Fair Chance Hiring Represents a Unique Differentiating Opportunity for CRAs

Advice for Job Seekers:

Job Seekers Resources - Resources to help you with your job search Including employment placement agencies, second-chance job placement, career counseling & coaching, resume and interview preparation.

W. Barry Nixon, a widely recognized expert on background checking is the co-author of Background Screening Investigations: Managing Hiring Risk from an HR and Security Perspective, founder of, a past recipient of the coveted ‘Most Influential People in Security’ award by Security Magazine and is the publisher of the leading e-magazine for the background screening industry – The Background Buzz.

W. Barry Nixon, said, “a primary goal for the Advice Center is to educate employers about key aspects of background checking to help them improve their process, to provide expert insights for background screening firms and to increase job seeker's knowledge of the process to reduce applicant’s anxiety as well as the animosity that they oftentimes have with the background screening process.’

Nixon added, “We are building a bridge for the stakeholders of background checks to better understand how their destinies are intertwined in the background screening process and to help each of them to achieve the best possible result.“

We are putting special focus on our, Advice for Job Seekers because we believe that this area does not receive enough attention. Driven by the belief that ‘an educated job seeker is the best job seeker’ we are helping them to better navigate the background check process.

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