ZK's 750-Diameter Centrifuge Skid-Mounted System Effectively Facilitates Underground Tunneling

CHENGDU, CHINA, November 28, 2022 /EINPresswire.com/ -- ZK supplied four sets of LW750x3200B centrifuge systems for engineering slurry to a construction machinery company, which ensured the smooth progress of the project, effectively reduced pollution to the environment, and saved costs.

In the tunnel construction process, a large amount of mud is produced. These slurries have the characteristics of high soil-containing rate and high water content, which will inevitably produce spillage and dust during transportation, pollute the urban road environment, seriously affect the construction environment on site, and even hinder the construction and affect the progress of the project. Cleaning mud requires a large amount of clean water, and its mud contains recyclable sand and gravel, which will cause a huge waste of resources if treated as waste.

Therefore the project team chose to use ZK decanter centrifuges to treat the project slurry. These slurries will be pumped to the surface and then enter the slurry separation station, where they will be screened and filtered, then processed into the sedimentation tank. The centrifuge mainly treats the waste slurry in the lower part of the sedimentation tank.

The project is equipped with four 750 centrifuge skid-mounted systems, two Y8000 dosing systems, and feed pumps. The feed pumps pump the waste slurry into the centrifuges. The dosing device dispenses chemicals and pumps them to the feed line through the dosing pump to flocculate and separate the material.

1. Centrifuge Skid System

Centrifuge skid system is mainly composed of LW750 two-phase centrifuge, control cabinet, lubricating oil station, feed flow meter, dosing flow meter, feed pipeline, dosing pipeline, skid body, and so on.

2. Dosing Skid System

The dosing skid system is mainly composed of a Y8000 Dosing device, control cabinet, dilution device, dosing pump, dosing pipeline, skid body, etc.
Y8000 dosing device can realize automatic dispensing and automatic quantitative conveying of powder

3. Y8000 Automatic Flocculant Preparation Device

The device is composed of three parts. The first part is dry powder feeding device, including dry powder storage bin, dry powder feeding device, electric control sealing device, level switch, vibrator, mixer; the second part is water injection feeding device, including pressure reducing valve, shut-off valve, solenoid valve, electromagnetic flow meter; the third part is the storage tank (three-box type), stirring device, liquid level controller and pipeline valve parts, etc. The polymer flocculant can be put into the mix as a powder or liquid.

At present, the project has been finished and the equipment has been transferred to the next project. In the early use process, due to many factors such as the change of material characteristics, agent matching problems, water volume, etc., the treatment capacity could not go up. Later, after rectification, the maximum treatment capacity can reach 40 square meters per hour, the liquid output is clean and the treatment effect can meet the progress of the project. Learn more >> (https://www.zkcentrifuge.com/)

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