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Gurdev Naegeli’s book professes spiritual realm as fundamental source of energy in reality

"Spiritual Platform" Bridges Gap Between Science, Metaphysics

KUALA LUMPUR, MALAYSIA, November 15, 2022 / -- According to author Gurdev Naegeli the spiritual realm is the fundamental source of all energy in the universe, a source that humanity is also connected to. In "Spiritual Platform" Naegeli advances this view and expounds upon the Universal Consciousness and its laws, which he contrasts with the laws of science that govern the physical realm.

According to Naegeli these laws of the Universal Consciousness are prime principles that humanity can utilize for its development and evolution. "Spiritual Platform" provides wisdom for readers' spiritual journey, revealing that while religions are part of said journey, they are not the final destination but merely stages with a greater outcome up ahead for humanity.

Naegeli says that while religions have played an important part in human development, in these times there is a need to look beyond the diverse traditions and faiths known to mankind and seek out the core spiritual values that unify people. Through this, by transcending denominations and sectarianism, humanity can be united and advance their common welfare by focusing on the universal spiritual principles that will advance the collective consciousness of the world and ultimately attain global peace.

"My belief that the world is pivoting towards some big shift, and that the fundamental cause behind the problems the world is facing lies in the need to have an understanding that we need to rethink our core spiritual values in respect to 'divine universal consciousness' which is the source of all creation and energy, and to which we are all fundamentally connected." Naegeli says.

About the Author
Gurdev Naegeli was born on the island of Penang in Malaysia. His father was from India and his mother is Swiss. Naegeli has been married for 19 years and has a daughter who has three children. He has had a career in international banking with major Swiss and French banks' financing trade and commodities operations. He was based in London, Geneva, Singapore and Paris. He enjoys singing and songwriting. Currently he resides between Andalucia in Spain and Malaysia.

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