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FERS Launches New Website: Offers Free Complimentary Federal Retirement Session with Licensed Experts

TAMPA, FLORIDA, UNITED STATES, November 8, 2022 / -- As a part of the FERS website launching, the organization has taken necessary steps. These ensure that more federal employees know about retirement planning. According to them, one of the issues in the current system is the lack of education. By offering a complimentary session with financial experts, people will understand their status and know what steps to take next. All of this is available to federal employees that are under FERS.

The Importance of Creating Connections
Independent financial advisors exist, but very few employees know about them. Many people are hesitant to get advice because they do not know where to go and fear it comes at an expensive price tag. The free sessions offered by the FERS aim to help people answer any lingering questions they may have about retirement. They may also start planning to reach their goals, minimizing any sacrifices they have to make.

Federal employees failing to take the planning step often get into stressful situations later in life. They may not know where to go or if they have any money reserved for them when they can no longer work. They push away the idea of planning when they feel it is years or decades away. However, the FERS is placing the importance back on early planning, as it assures them of a successful and peaceful retirement.

The goal is to make federal retirement enjoyable, accessible, and stress-free. Connecting to financial advisors is one of the first steps they can take to achieve this. The organization aims to add more openness to allow federal employees to get the answers they need. Their line is always open, and employees can contact them through the newly launched website.

Addressing the Challenges of Retirement Planning
FERS notes that one of the biggest challenges for federal employees is the lack of information. There isn’t a source that allows them to learn more about the status and finer details. By creating a website and plans, more people can have the preparations necessary long before they enter retirement.

A consultation with these specialists can help answer many commonly asked questions. These include:

● What is my expected retirement income?
● When is the best time to retire?
● What can I do today to reach my retirement goals?
● Is there any way to change my investment risk?

Answering these questions requires looking into the elements that comprise the FERS. According to the organization, most federal employees have been part of this system since its implementation on January 1, 1984. Many others who were part of other systems were also later transferred there. Those who do not know their status may contact the FERS through their website.

Retirement planning options can help relieve the stress of the unknown that many face prior to retirement. They’ll have the answers they need and a plan of action to help them before reaching that phase of their life.

Jeremy Haug
Federal Employee Retirement System
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