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Spray Insulation Available In Greater Northwest Columbus

Columbus, Oct. 27, 2022 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- Columbus, Ohio -

OH based iFoam of Greater Northwest Columbus is pleased to share that their industry-leading spray-foam insulation services are now available for all local customers. The company encourages their community to learn more about spray foam if they are unfamiliar with this particular solution, and their team is standing by to respond to any inquiries as well. The company is confident that customers will want iFoam insulation installed as soon as possible once they learn of the myriad benefits it offers.

The main advantage of spray foam insulation is the fact that it can drastically improve energy efficiency (by up to 30%), and it primarily achieves this by minimizing air infiltration. The material itself is also a poor conductor of heat. However, a number of other properties also make it highly preferable for homeowners and businesses alike, and the company says the energy savings are only one aspect that customers will enjoy about spray foam insulation.

iFoam of Greater Northwest Columbus

For instance, installation is a fairly swift and straightforward process. While it is undoubtedly a task better left to experts, the way it is deployed enables a professional to completely insulate a property in very little time, especially when compared to other methods. As the name suggests, the material is literally sprayed into place as a liquid, whereupon it expands into a foam. This foam creates a tight seal with the surfaces it comes into contact with, and greatly reduces air infiltration in the process.

This spray system also means that it can often be installed alongside existing insulation without much hassle. The company says a residential retrofit service may be exactly what a home needs to be brought into line with its owners’ expectations for efficiency. Conversely, if the existing insulation is damaged in some way, iFoam will be able to remove it prior to installing their own solutions. The company says it is important for each home to be assessed before this step, and a homeowner can get the process started simply by getting in touch with one of iFoam’s representatives.

No matter the size of scope of the project involved, iFoam’s objective is to deliver a solution that meets the home’s needs — without doing more than is necessary and without taking shortcuts at the customer’s expense. Further, the company understands that most customers will be conscious of their budget, so their team will take this into account when making any recommendations. At all times, the company will remain honest and transparent about the benefits and drawbacks of the options they offer. This ensures that the customer will receive a service that delivers exactly what they expect.

This is why a comprehensive homeowner assessment is the first step in the iFoam process. An iFoam insulation project has to be customized to meet each property’s needs, and the assessment allows the team to identify what areas need the most attention. Step 2 is a home energy audit. No less comprehensive, this stage involves the team carefully combing over the house in order to uncover every air leak, point of inefficiency, insulation failure and so on. While the company employs industry-leading assessment tools, they also rely on their expertise and experience to help them complete this stage as swiftly — and as thoroughly — as possible.

At this point, the team brings all their findings to the customer. Step 3 is where they go over their assessment with the customer, explaining what they discovered in full and clearing up any other inquiries that may be raised. Homeowners are encouraged to ask as many questions as they need in this stage since the team’s goal is to ensure they understand the state of their home’s health and energy efficiency.

Once this is complete, the rest of the process can take place at the homeowner’s pace. The team will offer a number of solutions, complete with financing options from over 400 lenders. The customer can indicate which solution they want as well as work with the company to choose an installation date that is most convenient for their schedule. As a rule, iFoam prefers to make sure an installation causes as little hassle for the customer as possible. Finally, the installation will be carried out on the date specified by the customer, and the team will even clean up before they vacate the premises. The company places a high priority on customer service, and this does not change even when the job is done.

Homeowners and businesses looking for Greater Northwest Columbus spray insulation are welcome to get in touch with the team at iFoam to request an assessment and estimate. The company offers both open-cell and closed-cell foam insulation as well as a number of associated insulation solutions.


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