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Quintillion Releases a New Guide on Why We Should Avoid Using Chinese Fiber Optic Cables

ANCHORAGE, ALASKA, UNITED STATES, October 25, 2022 / -- Quintillion just released a new guide detailing why it’s important to avoid using cheap, Chinese fiber optic cables. And why the subpar technology is not the only issue at hand.

Fiber optics are the communication veins of the world. They connect us to others nearby, across the country, and around the world. And in the extreme conditions found in the arctic, second-rate fiber optics from China simply won’t stand up to the harsh elements over time. But there is another, more imposing threat that comes from using Chinese fiber optics.

A growing concern in the United States intelligence community is that Chinese-produced fiber optics and other telecommunications equipment may be used to spy on high-profile businesses and government agencies. And this equipment, which is often being sold well below fair market value, might be a key component of sabotaging American businesses or government infrastructure.

Since Chinese fiber optics and telecommunication equipment have been considered a threat to national security, the FCC has begun a campaign to fund the removal of Chinese fiber optics and other telecommunication equipment. The only problem is that much of the funding for this huge undertaking has yet to be secured.

Many small communication companies simply don’t have the financial means to remove previously installed Chinese fiber optics. As such, the FCC is still seeking funding to aid these smaller communication companies in removing subpar and potentially threatening Chinese fiber optics.

In addition to the security threat posed by Chinese fiber optics and telecommunications equipment, the vast broadband networks across the United States may ultimately suffer due to the poor quality of Chinese fiber optics. And this is why tough, American-made fiber optics that can withstand the elements and won’t pose a threat to infrastructure should be invested in at all costs.

Investing in the future of the nation and the security of the United States is Quintillion’s mission. And Quintillion’s arctic broadband network is part of a larger mission to connect Alaskans to one another and to the rest of the world through high-capacity fiber-based communications.

If you’d like to learn more about Quintillion’s innovative solutions, you can do so by visiting the company website.

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