Thugod Noo LLC South Rapper Releases “Bounce” — and wins Award for Best Down South Music Artist Entrepreneur

Art cover created by [thugod noo llc] for Thugod’s Bounce Single.

The Bounce song brings fans together on social media to join the baby bounce Campaign

GREENSBORO, NORTH CAROLINA, UNITED STATES, October 23, 2022 / -- Dirty South Rapper Greensboro NC native, goes viral on all social medias with, "Bounce," mastered and mixed by A wall of Carolina Records.

In his recent hit, "Bounce," Thugod creates a story throughout his work. His lyrics describe a high-class woman who dances and lives a glamorous lifestyle; in other words, she is known for dancing and seducing any male that she meets. south rappers are always coming up with new songs about bouncing and this one is no different. The difference with Thugod's song is that it is so kidded friendly it has gone viral on all social media as baby dance music. It is also one of the few songs that cleanly represent the south and its culture. When most people think of the south, they think of dirty south but Thugod shows that there is more to it than that. He gives a voice to those who may not have one and does it in a way that everyone can enjoy.

While "Bounce" captures the attention of his growing fan base, Thugod is set to perform at the Core Dj Retreat this month, November 11, 2022.

Thugod continues to place a long lasting impression among other major artists and his surrounding communities. Here are some of his current projects that Thugod has released as an entrepreneur.

● His Thugolicious Bbq Sauce inspired by his song, "Sauce."
● The Sauce Cookbook and Destiny on Amazon
● His upcoming comic book and coloring book to educate and elevate the younger community.
● His Nft and metaverse projects
● And many more projects associated with a plethora of events in the pipeline.

A reporter with the Ritz Herald referred to him as "the next rising star" under Thugod Noo Ent. LLC and recognized his famous Thugolicious sauce sold in local stores across NC.

To follow Thugod’s music journey, explore the listed links:
● Instagram: @thereal_thugod (
● YouTube: Thugod Noo LLC (
● Website: Thugod Noo Ent. LLC (

About Thugod Noo LLC is a marketing and music distribution company based in Greensboro, NC. It has a subsidiary called Push N Pull Marketing group that offers music marketing and music distribution. Thugod and his partner Nicholas Campbell established their company in 2020 to give more opportunities to the local artist living in Greensboro, NC. Thugod Noo LLC is a space for fervent music artists to venture into their musical careers and artistically grow in their own image. As an entrepreneur, Thugod is always looking for new ways to expand his business and help others. He has been featured in entrepreneur magazines and His dream is to be one of the most famous entrepreneurs. Thugod is CEO and his team members look up to him as a boss but also as friend. If you are looking for an entrepreneur to model your career after or someone who knows the Greensboro, NC music scene, look no further than Thugod Noo LLC.

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