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Artist Pratyush Dhiman Skyrockets To The Top Amongst Independent Musicians In India

With almost two million monthly listeners on Spotify, Pratyush Dhiman, or Pratsofficial, has risen to fame in the independent musician world. His upcoming live performances are sure to impress.

Pratyush Dhiman is showing just how talented he is with his rapidly growing fan base. As an independent artist, it’s his fans that are pushing him to the top among other musicians in India. This incredibly gifted singer and songwriter is growing daily in popularity with his beautiful harmonies and lovely vocals. 

On Spotify, one of the top streaming services in the world, Pratsofficial has almost two million listeners every single month. His top song is almost at twenty-five million streams, with his others also bringing in millions of listeners. 

The official music video for his song Aziyat is closing in on ten million views as millions of fans flock to the videos and songs he puts out. 

Where to listen to Pratsofficial music or watch him perform

Pratsofficial, or Pratyush Dhiman, has his music available on both YouTube and Spotify. With videos released as recently as less than two weeks ago, he is putting out new music and new music videos whenever possible. 

His music videos match breathtaking visuals with his carefully crafted songs to create the perfect combination of audio and visual art. The artfully curated music, vocals and stories created with the videos mix together to tell the full story of each song. 

On October 16th, he’s making an appearance live on the stage at IndieVerse Music Festival. Hosted at Dragonfly Experience, he’ll be performing some of his well-known songs for festival attendees. The venue in Delhi promises an exciting night with amazing music and performances. 


Pratyush Dhiman, also known as Pratsofficial, is quickly climbing the charts with his enchanting music. With upcoming live performances and new music releases in his future, he’s sure to continue wowing his fans, both old and new. His millions of listeners can’t get enough and will certainly be cheering in the crowd for his performance at IndieVerse Music Festival. 

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